Worlds of Fun to Unleash Prowler in 2009

New GCI Woodie to Prowl Worlds of Fun’s Terrain in Prowler - Worlds of Fun New Coaster2009
NewsPlusNotes was first to report that Worlds of Fun has released details on their highly anticipated 2009 Great Coasters International wooden coaster. Prowler will kick off with an 85-foot drop into a ravine. The rest of the ride will closely hug the terrain as it reaches speeds in excess of 50 mph. For more, check out Worlds of Fun’s Prowler site.

GCI is departing from their twister layout seen on such successful coasters as Dollywood’s Thunderhead and Six Flags St. Louis’ Evel Kneivel. While those are great rides, I applaud the departure as it will help the park offer something unique. With the site’s tag line of “A beast of a coaster” and the terrain layout, one can’t help but think of the legendary Beast at Kings Island. Prowler looks much smaller than the Beast and less intense, but any coaster with an interesting terrain layout is a winner in my book. I’d much rather see more of these custom installations than cookie-cutter twisters like Roar and Hersheypark’s Wildcat.

Check out this fly-over video of Prowler at Worlds of Fun:

After viewing the videos, I think the layout could use a tunnel or two and it wouldn’t hurt to see a helix thrown in. But on the positive side, the ride looks fast and looks to have great moments of change of direction. What do you think of Worlds of Fun’s Prowler? Are you excited? Leave a comment below.