400th Post & a Big Announcement

Milestone & A New Site Coming Real Soon
Two and a half years ago I began this blog as an outlet for my love of roller coasters and writing. This post is my 400th post and it’s been a fun ride especially when my readers drop in and post comments. Some agree, some disagree, and others just share their experiences. Either way, The Coaster Critic’s Blog is at its best when the community joins in on the discussion. One of my most commented posts was driven by the angry mobs that were dissapointed by the Dark Knight Coasters. So I encourage all you lurkers to give your two cents.

Big Announcement This Week!
If you’re a long time reader you may have noticed that I have been posting less frequently the past month or so. I’ve been hard at work on a side project that I hope to launch this week. I had to take down my last project due to relentless spam attacks creating eronious users. The platform that the site was built on wasn’t quite ready for primetime, but I hope to bring it back at some point in the future. This week’s announcement involves a different web site that’s almost two years in the making. Okay, so I haven’t really been working on it for all that time, but it’s been incubating since late 2006. The image to the right hints at the new site’s theme.

SeaWorld Manta Photo ContestManta Photo Contest
Manta Watch is underway! SeaWorld is having a photo contest promoting their new Manta flying coaster. The first reader who’s able to take a picture of Manta’s track while it’s being shipped from Ohio to Orlando will win two tickets to the park and front row seats on Manta. Read more about the contest including the route of the Manta track here. Send your photos to: joel [at] coastercritic.com

Thanks to all my dedicated readers subscribed via email and on the RSS feed. And thanks to those who just stop by every now and then. Stay tuned for the big announcement later this week. I’m looking forward to your feedback.