Announcing Coaster Portal

Coaster Portal – Your Guide to the Theme Park Webiverse
So my announcement was delayed about a week, but today I unveil Coaster Portal. It has been a long-standing side project I’ve had on the back burner for years. The blog had taken up the majority of my time, until finally, I pushed myself to complete the site. I wanted to create a different type of theme park web site. One that linked to all of the best sites on the web and not just the sites that were in a particular network or affiliate group. But I also wanted the site to be more than just a link directory. My goal is to offer visitors a truly unique resource. CP’s web site profiles will allow visitors to learn about and get direct access to the features that a site offers. Visitors are invited to rate the sites, leave their own review, or give their own feedback.

Site Categories
Sites are listed in the following categories: theme parks (including links to park Wikipedia pages), roller coaster designers, unofficial theme park sites, communities & clubs, blogs!, theme park news sites (including some site profiles), images & videos, roller coaster games, tools & resources (ie. coaster counters), and podcasts.

Reviews & Ratings
Web sites with site profiles can be rated on a 1 to 5 scale. Feel free to leave your feedback or reviews on the site profiles in the comments section.

Submit a Link
Anyone can submit a link to a web site that’s not already listed on the site. For now, all that I require that the site contains quality content and has been updated recently. I would appreciate a link in return.

Add a Short Description or Site Profile
If you own a web site and want to submit a short description or site profile.

Submit Web Site News & Updates
Site owners who have a site launch, major update, or site redesign can submit their news.

Snap Shot Previews
Snap Shots show a preview of links without having to visit the site. Just hover your mouse over the icons when they appear next to links. Snapshot settings can be changed for any user who wants to opt out of the functionality and turn the previews off.

Thanks to my family for their support on my side project and blog! Especially my wife for putting up with my hours on the laptop.

What do you think of CoasterPortal? Leave a comment below.