Hard Rock Park For Sale, Future Uncertain

Hard Rock Park for SaleSlippery When Wet Coaster - Hard Rock Park, Several Companies Interested
According to MytleBeachOnline, Hard Rock Park is up for sale in hopes of finding a new owner. In addition, ScreamScape recently reported that there are: "no less than three other qualified operators are taking a serious look at buying Hard Rock Park."
Even with all of the venom on the 'Net for this park and experts out there with their "I told you so's" I still think Hard Rock Park was a strong theme park for its first year in existence. Though it was on a much smaller scale than a Disney or Universal park, it was full of some really cool and unique ideas. Many people were expecting WAY too much. People forget that theme parks don't spring up overnight with as many rides and roller coasters as parks that have been around for years. I do fault the park for the high ($50) ticket price, especially with the state of the economy. I wonder how it would have done with a free entry/pay per ride type of system like a Knoebels.

Hard Rock Park's managment just may not have planned well for the economic downturn with people staying in Myrlte Beach shorter than usual. Maybe they could have changed their strategy drastically during the summer to bring in more people and cut costs, but it might have been too late. I wonder if the park would have met the same fate in a better economic climate. Maybe they would've lost some money, but not had to close.

What's Next for Hard Rock Park?
For now we can speculate as to who may buy the park. The interesting part now is that we might get the answer to what really hurt the park. If another company swoops in and makes it successful we'll know what was wrong the first time. So far, rumors have included Merlin Entertainment Group and Cedar Point operators Cedar Fair. Of course, no one has anything concrete yet. The likely bidders would have to be in a stable to strong financial position so I think we can rule out a Six Flags Myrtle Beach. PARC Management is a smaller player that owns a hanful of former Six Flags parks like Darien Lake and Elitch Gardens. Maybe they are in position to step in. Too bad Busch Entertainment isn't likely to acquire it as they are about to be sold by new owners InBev as it is. I've always wanted see a Busch Gardens Asia! Hopefully, we'll find out soon.

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