Time to Vote in the Internet Coaster Poll

A Non-biased Coaster Poll, Not for the Faint-Hearted Fan Boy
Time to vote in Mitch Hawker’s renowned Internet Coaster Poll again. During the off-season every year, die hard coaster fans fill out Mitch Hawker’s Roller Coaster Polls. The polls are lengthy and complicated enough that Robb Alvey from ThemeParkReview.com created an Idiot’s Guide. Hopefully, the amount of time and effort it takes will weed out the blind homers and fan boys that just want to vote for their home park’s coasters. If you haven’t traveled much that’s fine, but it’s those ‘seasoned’ enthusiasts that can’t admit that there are any flaws in their home park (cough cedar point cough). To each his own, right? Anyway, Mitch’s Poll usually ‘gets it right’ in my opinion it’s the suspiciously never-changing Golden Ticket Awards that are likely more of a victim of fanboyism.

All ballots for the Wooden and Steel Coaster Polls must be in by December 5th. This year I’m going to fill out both polls. As I have for years now I’ll report on the results and compare to them to the Golden Ticket Awards when they are announced. Also, this year I’ll do a prediction post. I don’t fancy myself a prognosticator, but it’s fun to guess. It’ll be interesting to see where 2009 coasters like Ravine Flyer 2, X2, Evel Kneivel, Fahrenheit and others place. Stay tuned!

Go to Mitch Hawker’s Roller Coaster Polls
See the last couple year’s results and read about the Eagle Fortress controversy in my Mitch’s Coaster Poll posts.

Are you going to participate in this year’s polls? After this post do I need a ‘for coaster geeks’ tag? Leave a comment below.