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Volcano’s Blast Off – Memorable Coaster MomentsVolcano Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion

Volcano: The Blast Coaster’s a pretty memorable coaster for a number of reasons. It’s an inverted launch coaster built in a themed mountain at Kings Dominion. The majority of launch coasters catapult their trains from a dead stop, Volcano’s launch happens on the move. To me, the rolling launch added to the intense level of suspense as you wait to be hurled to warp speed.

On Volcano, riders board the train and get buckled in. The train is slowly dispatched and takes an immediate left. As they finish the left turn a long tunnel lies ahead. The train just creeps along as the riders wonder when they’ll be launched. You see the LIMs overhead and know that it’ll happen any second and then it happens. The acceleration is so raw and powerful. It’s like there’s an angry machine gradually pushing you faster and faster. The launch is nowhere near as immediate as Hypersonic XLC’s was. It’s a bit more gradual, but still very exhilarating.

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What do you think of Volcano The Blast Coaster? Is Volcano’s launch one of your favorites? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. I would have to give this a 9 out of 10. My son and I rode it and it is totally different then any coaster around. I think the landscape of the ride really helps it as well. The blast seemed faster to us…probably because of it's unique design instead of just a straight shot. it is also very smooth and that counts of alot when you have a 10 year old riding. BIG thumbs up to King's Dominion for this coaster!!!

  2. I love this roller coaster so much its actually my second favorite of all time. It would surpass my first favorite (I305) if it had been longer. The launch on this roller coaster is incredible, absolutely stunning. I love it and I want to go on it again! 😀 Kings Dominion's roller coasters offer good quality. I like it better than Six Flags Over Georgia!

  3. As great as the first launch is, I like the second launch even better. The first time I did it in the front row, It felt as if the train was going to go straight into the wall just as the train goes vertical to loop out of the top of the Volcano. One of my most memorable moments for sure. Volcano is one of the few coaster where I feel the front row is worth the extra wait. [Don't forget to get there early for the hope of that faster launch on less than full trains…] [pass-holders get a 15 minute head start] I've been lucky enough to get a launch with only me and two other people. Sick fast!
    Another favorite for me is in the moments waiting for flight of fear to go vertical after it's launch, in the pitch dark you can't tell when it's going to happen, It gets me every time.


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