Last Call for Free Beer at Busch Parks

If you’ve ever been to a Busch park like the African-themed park in Tampa or the European-themed park in Virginia, No More Free Beer at Busch Theme Parksyou’ve seen the Budweiser Clydesdales and no doubt noticed that the parks sell the company’s beer. I had no idea that they offered free beer at the hospitality centers. I DO remember that the Williamsburg, VA park had free brewery tours. My brother and I took a tour when we were kids. Unfortunately, the amazing process that is beer-making was lost on me. And we were way too young to partake in the free samples at the end of the tour.

As I reported last year, Belgian brewer Inbev, (makers of Stella Artois) purchased Anheuser Busch. Of course Busch owns Busch Entertainment Corp. which operates all of the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks. Industry analysts have suspected that Inbev may look to sell the parks and stick to their core competency, brewing beer. I’ve never been to a SeaWorld, but the Busch Gardens parks are two of my favorite so I’m concerned about the future of these parks. And now I’m sad to know I missed out on some free beer.

Beer fans or theme park fans who like beer have until February 1st to get your free beer.  I received an invitation to a Facebook event to enjoy a final cold one at SeaWorld Orlando. Speaking of Facebook, have you become a fan yet? Check out my Coaster Critic Facebook Page, become a fan and share photos, park reviews, etc.

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What’s Your Take?
It seems like many park fans out there are like me and never knew free beer was even offered. What’s your take? Ever been to a hospitality center or Brewmaster’s Club at a Busch par? Leave a comment below.