Gatlinburg Alpine Coaster Review

Roller Coasters at Ski Resorts

Who says you can’t get your roller coaster fix in the winter? Typically, if you live outside of Florida and California you have to wait until at least March for your nearest amusement park to open. In the last few years, German company Wiegand, has installed their Alpine Coasters at many ski resorts throughout the World including four in the States. They’re not in the RCDB, so they may technically not be roller coasters, but they sure look like a lot of fun. The sled-like cars fit up to two people (snugly) and allow for the riders to adjust their speed if they want to. The brake may help those who can’t handle the out of control feeling inherent to roller coasters, but coaster enthusiasts like myself would probably never even look at the brake, much less use it.

Now, if you live near one of these four ski resorts you can get your roller coaster fix in the dead of winter. I’d imagine that they’re a smart investment for the ski resorts as it allows them offer another summer activity to their guests.

Currently, the U.S. Alpine Coasters are:
Alpine Coaster at Jiminy Peak in Massachusetts
Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort in Utah
Mountain Coaster at Wisp Resort in Maryland
Canyon Flyer at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado

Rides are a bit pricey. It’s $10 for one rider or $15 for two riders for just one spin on the Mountain Coaster at Wisp. On the other hand, it is a pretty unique experience and probably worth a try. Check out this pov video on the Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort:

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What’s Your Take?
What do you think of these ski resort coasters? If you’ve been lucky enough to ride one of these mountain coasters or one in another country leave a review below. Leave a comment below. Thanks to reader Judy for sending me info on this.