Carolina Cobra & A Carowinds 2009 Report

Carolina Cobra & A Carowinds 2009 UpdateCarolina Cobra Train Arrive at Carowinds
Carowinds recently posted pictures of Carolina Cobra’s new, unique train. Next month, when Carolina Cobra opens it will be the only Vekoma boomerang coaster in the U.S. with these open over-the-shoulder restraints. The rough ride that these shuttle coasters sometimes have may be remedied by these new restraints.

Carolina Cobra Media Day
My first trip of the season will be at the Carowinds media day for the Carolina Cobra at the end of March. After seeing parks relocate and recycle rides for years it’s cool to see a park go above and beyond. The paint job, theming and the special train go a long way in making this more than just another Vekoma boomerang installation. So, you can expect a full review of Carolina Cobra along with complete coverage of the event.

Recently, Coaster World News interviewed Danielle Swords from Carowinds. CWN spoke with her about Carolina Cobra, Nighthawk’s new look and 2010 rumors. Check out a video of that interview:

For more information, see:
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What’s Your Take?
Any Carolinans excited about the Carowind’s new coaster? Leave a comment below.