AirCoaster 3D iPhone App Review

If you’re a roller coaster fan and an iPhone/iPod Touch user then your app has finally arrived.  AirCoaster 3D, formerly known as SkyCoaster 3D, is a 99 cent roller coaster ride simulator.  Upon entering the application you are presented with a settings screen.  Here you can control various aspects of your roller coaster including track height and length and the frequency of loop-the-loops, corkscrews and downward spirals.  Turn on or off the simulator’s soundtrack and change the background theme.  Click the Start Ride button and your roller coaster is ready to ride.  You will be treated to a hair raising first person ride on your newly created coaster.  You can toggle the coaster’s track type from train rails to coaster rails.  And switch on-the-fly between traditional seated ride to a suspended one.  I can’t speak to the realism of the track designs but it sure looks like a lot of fun.  

Contributed by: My Mac-addicted brother, The Animated Man

Check out this demo video of AirCoaster 3D:

Obviously the realism of this simple coaster sim leaves a lot to be desired. My brother’s coaster had a bunch of downward spirals, like the spirals found on Kingda Ka & Top Thrill Dragster. That’s a pretty rare inversion, but I forgive him, he’s by no means a coaster geek like myself. I’m not an iGuy, but I guess it could help pass the time between classes or while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office. Also, the new AirCoaster 3D 2 now includes a new track editor that may take the app’s complexity up a knotch.

What’s Your Take?
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