Alltel Coaster CommercialAlltel might want to rethink their new commercial. It features the typical cell phone using family struggling with their current cell phone plan. This time the poor customers are waiting under a roller coaster hoping to catch falling change so that they can afford their plans. On the surface it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you consider the two high-profile accidents last year including a beheaded teen at Six Flags Over Georgia who was trying to retrieve his hat, this commercial might send some the wrong message.

Watch the Alltel commercial below. It features Los Angeles park Knott’s Berry Farm and the Silver Bullet:

I guess Alltel’s creative team doesn’t pay attention to the news. Now, IAAPA (The International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions) has issued a statement to Alltel. Here’s an excerpt:

Our specific concern has to do with the way the Alltel commercial implies that looking for lost articles underneath amusement park rides is a good idea. That is not the case. Unfortunately, there have been a few tragic instances where individuals have been seriously or even fatally injured while trying to retrieve lost articles from well-marked restricted areas under rides. … It’s critical for the general public to understand they should never enter a restricted area around or under a ride for any reason. … We are concerned guests (particularly young guests or teenagers) might try to retrieve lost articles in restricted areas after seeing the spot.

The commercial’s kind of funny and seems harmless enough, but due to recent events I feel that the commercial should be pulled. Also, check out Coasterdom’s post “Really Alltel?”. It inspired me to write this post.

What’s Your Take?
Do you think Alltel should pull the ad? Or do you think the commercial is harmless? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Schwarz

    I recently saw a free credit commercial and they are on a b&m hyper. I was wondering what coaster this was. My first thought was behemoth because to the left is water but it didn't have the staggered seating behemoth had. If anyone knows what ride it is please share!

  2. QB3

    That was so stupid, i laughed at the ridiculousness. the idea was clever, but i agree whith everyone else on the basis that it may make teenagers get stupid thoughts. i dont think it should be pulled, i think that they should simply mention that you shouldn`t try actualy going under a roller coaster to catch loose change. also, for any onewho was wonderng Six Flags La Ronde is loated in southern Quebec in Canada.

  3. Piedude81

    This ad is comedic only, and I think it's just another fun ad. The idiots who go into restricted sections aren't inspired by stuff like this. Usually, their friends dare them, or they're flat out stupid.


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