Diamondback - Kings Island's New HypercoasterThis past weekend the opening of Kings Island’s Diamondback dominated theme park news sites across the Web. The ride’s opening had both the enthusiast community and likely southern Ohio in a frenzy. Since I couldn’t be there to give you my own coverage, here’s some of the best coverage I’ve found on the Web.

Kings Island fan sites like KIExtreme and KICentral had in-depth coverage of their long-awaited hypercoaster.

KIExtreme has pictures from Friday’s Media Day including a picture of Walter Bolliger from the world-renowned roller coaster designers Bolliger & Mabillard. I would have geeked out like none other if I would have seen him in person. I didn’t know that they attended media events for their rides.

KICentral has an album of pictures from Saturday, the first day that the ride was open to the public. They have a shot of the stampede of riders running to get in line. Then a picture of the first riders. Lastly, here’s an impressive aerial shot taken from the Eiffel Tower showing the ride’s 4 hour long line.

NewsPlusNotes has posted some great shots on their Facebook Page. They’ve got shots of Diamondback in action, from the entrance sign, to the the station, to multiple ride shots.

Courtesy of NewsPlusNotes.com

Courtesy of NewsPlusNotes.com

And of course, ThemeParkReview has a thread with shots of Diamondback  Check it out here.

Diamondback is being compared to Six Flags Great Adventure’s Nitro and from the on ride video and pictures, that looks like an accurate comparison. It’s like B&M took Nitro’s layout, made it more interesting, and added the new trains and splash section at the end. Of course, this is just based on videos and pictures. I have no idea how the actual ride compares to Nitro, but so far all the reviews I’ve read have been very position. If you’ve ridden Diamondback and other B&M hyper coasters, please leave a mini review or any comments.

Also, check out this news story from Fox Toledo on the Diamondback:

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Diamondback looks? Are you planning on going to Kings Island this summer? Have you ridden this beast? Leave a comment below.

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  1. vance

    The Diamondback looks exciting. It's probably very similar to Canada's Wonderland's Behemoth which I rode last year when it debuted. I couldn't help compare it to Millenium Force at Cedar Point. I didn't think I would like it as Behemoth was shorter and less steep. But Behemoth was a great ride! I, personally, didn't find it thrilling per se but it definite brought a smile to my face and I enjoyed EACH parabolic crest, and there were a lot! It was pleasant. And it was funny to hear and see other people's reaction whose thrilling threshold is not as high as mine.

    So, my point is, if Diamondback is anything like Behemoth, it will be a hit. I like the splashing, I think that will be very visually pleasing.

    Have fun riding the new rides! I'll be there in spirit as I am pregnant and cannot ride this year. 🙁

  2. The Coaster Critic

    Agreed Vance. Behemoth was a hit last year and it looks like Diamondback will be a hit this year. I used to be able to say that I'd ridden all of the B&M hyper coasters in North America, but they keep cranking them out. I've got some catching up to do. And stats can definitely be deceiving. Sometimes you just have to ride and experience it to really be able to judge a coaster. Phoenix comes to mind with its ho-hum stats and ridiculous airtime.

    Congratulations and thanks for reading!

  3. josh

    Ok I live in Indiana no Theme parks worth mentioning Kings island is the closet to me so we go there went opening day and rode this thing. All I can say is when you get to the top of that first hill all your brain is saying to your body is( hold on a munite this is not safe ) lol of course it is, but the ride is rediculous. this is definately the best ride at Kings Island sry firehawk but your no longer #1 at kings island.

  4. John

    Being a former Cedar Point employee I get a little bit of pride swelling up inside me when I see Cedar Fair make good investments in their other parks. I knew that when CF bought Kings Island that they would most likely establish it as a second franchise park to CP, and between moving Firehawk to the park and adding this amazing looking ride, it seems that my guess is correct.

  5. The Coaster Critic

    Yeah, Josh. Judy's right. If you haven't been to Holiday World then you're missing a gem right in your home state. I haven't been to Indiana Beach, but it looks like a fun park too. Neither parks are as big as Kings Island, but you're not living in a roller coaster dead zone like Montana or Wyoming. Far from it.

  6. James P

    I live in TN and we just drove to King's Island to ride the new Diamondback and it was better than advertised. The ride is amazing. I have rode Goliath and Raging Bull (both super hyper coasters) and this is the best yet. The air time is like no other. The speed never stops. It's the best hyper coaster out there right now. If you haven't rode this ride, go ride it!

    The Beast at King's Island is also awesome, but I preferred the Son of Beast which I think is the best wooden coaster in the country–hands down.

  7. Andria

    I went to King's Island yesterday and was blown away by this coaster. Air time is phenomenal, speed is terrific, and it must be said that the lines are more efficiently run and constantly moving forward. If the line for single riders is open, it will take you almost directly to the departure platform. The back seat is insanely fast, and the front of the coaster is off the charts. I cannot praise it enough, and it blows your mind every time. Get there if you can; You'll be glad you did.

  8. Slydo

    This is a great ride start to finish. First, it is by far the quickest load and unload of any coaster I've ever seen – it's no more cumbersome than one person getting up off a stool and the next person sitting down. Pull the restrining bar into place and you're ready to go. That, and KI's management of single/odd # riders makes for a very quick line, even when lines look long.

    The ride itself is both smooth and intense. You leave your seat and lose your stomach on the first drop, then get loads of airtime on the subsequent hills. There's a slight braking on the hill following the turnaround, which is disappointing at first – until you realize you'd have crushed your spleen as yoou went over the top if they hadn't slowed you a little. There is another brake on a level area just before the final bunny hills and helix leading to the splash down.

    All in all, a great ride and one of the best designed anywhere. I've ridden it a dozen times and enjoy it as much as the first time.

  9. chris

    Diamondback is most defindtyly the ride of the year !

    I have a new #1 !

  10. Chase

    OK…….Diamondback is AWSOME it is one of my favorite coasters of all time it reminds me of the magnum xl 200 at cedar point its a great ride and not to mention the seats are pretty comfortable lol it is a great ride on the first day it opened i rode it i was on like the first train on it i got a t-shirt.. the whole ride is very smooth there is no bumps in it.. one thing i will say is the first drop could have been higher. It is my 4th favorite steel coaster at KI next to flight of frear vortex and face off or what ever it is called now PEACE OUT……….

  11. Chase

    ok indiana beach is fun but it is not the much thrilling coasters there there fun but the more for new coaster riders.

  12. Matthew

    wow the first coaster that comes to your mind when you think about Diamondback is Magnum???The first thing that comes to my mind is Nitro. haha and Magnum is like the roughest steel coaster ive ever been on. haha lol

    • adavis

      Matthew, why is it so offensive to compare a good hyper with Arrow's finest? Don't get me wrong, Magnum has definitely gotten rougher, but it is still a viable hyper.

      Also, four rides on DB in the middle of last summers coaster trip, that sucker can hang with anything.

  13. Kevin

    Live in MI, just got back from Kings Island. Rode Diamondback a couple of times. This is a phenomenal coaster. Very smooth,fast and excellent 'air' times. Lines are well managed and loading and unloading couldn't be quicker. Very nice, comfortable stadium seating offers un-obstructed view for all riders.

    My #1 coaster of all time.

  14. Nick

    This coaster is amazing! I rode it 18, yes 18 times. If you go the first month of June there are no lines. It had the best airtime of every coaster I've ridden 54 and counting. It's just so much fun.

  15. Em

    I'm not a big roller coaster fan, but the ride looks fun and from the reviews it sounds like a great roller coaster. The highest one I've ridden is the Legend at Holiday World. Does anyone think that I'd enjoy the Diamondback since I'm pretty new when it comes to riding coasters?

  16. Michelle

    I rode this monster in October 2010. I am a soccer mom and hadn't been on a coaster in a few years. The diamondback scared the hell out of me. It literally gave me nightmares. If you are a thrill seeker, this is for you. I did not feel secure in the seats but obviously I was fine because I lived through it. My daughter loved it, my husband loved it. I was glad to get off alive. The advantage was that I just got back from Busch Gardens and their coasters were easy to ride. None were as scary as the Diamondback!

  17. Mark

    I liked Diamondback but was surprised that the curvature of the drops were drawn out to reduce the "falling" sensation. Raging Bull had a better drop sensation (despite not being as steep), presumably because the sharpness of the first drop was more acute. (The excessive trim brakes on RB's third hill are another topic.)

    The best B&M drop I've been on is Griffon.

    The day I rode it, in the morning the Kings Island maintenance crew was mowing the clearcut created around the far turn around. It was unpleasant to ride through a vast cloud of pulverized grass. Sneezing airtime.

    Here's a critical review of Diamondback that I found:



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