Manta Set to Take Flight at SeaWorld Orlando

Manta Roller Coaster Trains | SeaWorld Orlando 2009

SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta is about a month from opening and it looks great. As Florida’s only flying roller coaster Manta could take that genre of rides to a new level. At one point during the ride, the winged manta-themed trains will fly riders face down right over water. I’m not sure, but that huge stingray shaped piece at the front may actually dip into the water and cause the splash effect scene in the concept art.

I plan on visiting SeaWorld Orlando next month for my second trip of the season. I’m looking forward to experiencing Manta and the park’s other attractions. Journey to Atlantis will be my first water coater and Kraken’s similar to my all-time favorite roller coaster Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa. Check out more Manta updates.

Also, check out  this recent test video of Manta at SeaWorld Orlando:

 UPDATE 4/30 – SeaWorld has updated their official Manta site. Also, @RealShamu SeaWorld’s tweeter, announced that  Manta will open early on May 5th!
What’s Your Take?
What do you think of SeaWorld’s Manta? Are you planning on riding it this summer? Do you have any tips for my SeaWorld Orlando trip? Leave a comment below.