Led Zeppelin Re-Themed as The Time Machine

The Time Machine at Freestyle Music ParkFreestyle Music Park has re-themed Led Zeppelin The Ride as The Time Machine. The park’s signature looping roller coaster features 6 loops, a maximum height of 155 feet and a top speed of 65 mph. The Time Machine will take riders on a musical journey through the last five decades.

Towering more than 150 feet into the sky, the looping, steel roller coaster features a high fidelity, on-board audio system that plays five separate audio tracks, bringing hits from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s to current day. With the five separate audio tracks, guests can enjoy five unique ride experiences.

This is a pretty cool way to revamp Led Zeppelin. In its former state you hadTime Machine Roller Coaster at Freestyle Music Park to wait in line, enter the pre-show concertrooms, and then rock out to the remainder of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ while you ride. I’m not sure how the new pre-show will work, but the five different tracks will help to improve the coaster’s re-ridability. I will try to find out how the tracks are chosen and report back. I’m assuming that the tracks are chosen randomly, because the press release doesn’t state that riders get to chose them. Read my full Led Zeppelin review.

What’s Your Take?
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