Advertising on a Roller Coaster?

While I was at Six Flags Over Georgia last summer I saw a pretty unusual sight. As I boarded the popular Mind Bender I noticed that the train was plastered with ‘NASCAR on TNT’ ads. Mind Bender is a classic Anton Schwarzkopf steel looper. It’s over 30 years old, but still had a pretty busy and enthusiastic station. Among coaster enthusiasts, Schwarzkopf loopers are praised for their timelessness and especially for their distinction of using lap bars instead of over the shoulder restraints like most loopers use.

Advertising on Six Flags Over Georgia's Mind Bender

So, Six Flags covered this classic looper with advertising like it was a city bus. I was wondering if this upset any hard core enthusiasts or is it no big deal? Coaster geeks like myself like to critique a coaster’s color scheme, theme etc. Well how about roller coaster trains covered in TV ads?

What’s Your Take?
Has Six Flags desacrated a classic or is it just a smart advertising tactic? Have you seen advertising on any other roller coasters? Leave a comment below.