Occupation: Roller Coaster Rider?
Orlando’s 67 Days of Smiles competition sounds like my dream job. For 67 days one lucky duo will get paid $25,000 to ride the rides of Orlando and experience the area’s other attractions. The winners will document their adventures via Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. To apply, just make a one-minute video and fill out the application on OrlandoInfo.com.

Orlando's 67 Days of Smiles

 The only ‘catch’ would be that you would have to take two months off from work. Of course if you don’t have a job, or you have a very understanding boss then apply away. You’ll also need an equally fearless partner which could be another obstacle.


What’s Your Take?
Would you like to get paid to ride roller coasters and basically be a tourist? Leave a comment below.

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Founder of CoasterCritic.com. My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.

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  1. Billy Baker

    Yes, I would love to get paid to ride roller coasters. I have always loved to ride roller coasters since i was a kid, but now i like the really big roller coasters!! I will ride any roller coaster that you guys want me to ride. This would change my life. I work in a factory everyday of the week we make plastic parts and the temp. gets up to like 150 degrees its hot. I work in there 7 days a week and id like to have a change of pace please let me to this job!!

    -Billy Baker

  2. Toni Lovato

    I think being a roller coaster critic would be an awesome job. You know considering I live for theme parks and all, I visit a park at least once eight times a year! I mean I love coasters and have been to almost every major theme park searching for the best coaster and park. I have to say my take on a good coaster would be one worth reviewing! I would be honored to take this job and that’s why you should pick me!


    Toni L.

    • Jessica Johnson

      Yes I love roller coasters and that would be an amazing experience

  3. Rodney Wells

    I think being a rooler coaster critic would be a great job. I love to meet new people and see the country. I also love to visit theme parks. I visit Six Flags around 15 to 20 times a year. Most people agree with my general opinion about whether or not doing something is fun. I would be honored and pleased if picked for this job.


    Rodney W

  4. bryan peters

    I love roller coasters, Nothing frightens me. I am always up for the challenge. My daughter and I are the thrill seekers of the family. We always have to ride the coasters when we go to the parks. I haven't found a coaster that I am scared of. They are such a rush!!!!

    I would have no problem taking the time off work.

    This would be soooo awesome to me.

  5. Kay18May

    This job would literally be the dream job, I live in Canada and just started university having an opportunity like this would be amazing, my roommate and I would be up for the challenge. It'll be easy to get time off work since we don't work.
    Having this job would be a great addition to the resume!

  6. ryan linebarger

    I would love to have a job as a coaster ride critic I a visually impaired individual so I can rely more on sense of touch and sounds as well as sight I have been interested in a job like this for many years since I was a kid I am 34 now and although I am on ssi disability its really not enough to make it through with the economy. I also love coasters and would love this job and think you should pick me for simple reason its a passion of mine to ride coasters find the biggest fastest safest adrenaline ride out there

  7. Dina

    I am an instructor at a local college in my home town of Albuquerque, and I always tell my students, when I grow up I want to travel the world and be a roller coaster tester. I think my students don’t beleive me, but that is my dream. I’ve been taking rides on coaters since I was a kid. Once I got bit by the roller coaster bug, there was no turning back. I decided then that is what I want to do.

  8. holly Bickley

    I feel I would be perfect for this with my enthusiastic personality and love for rides it would be amazing.

  9. Alex

    it would be the job of a life time…just having fun and still getting paid….100% over the top…yes i would love to be part of the critic

  10. Darryn

    I would love to ride roller coasters as a job. I am a thrill seeker.


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