Dream Job: Get Paid to Ride Roller Coasters

Occupation: Roller Coaster Rider?
Orlando’s 67 Days of Smiles competition sounds like my dream job. For 67 days one lucky duo will get paid $25,000 to ride the rides of Orlando and experience the area’s other attractions. The winners will document their adventures via Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. To apply, just make a one-minute video and fill out the application on OrlandoInfo.com.

Orlando's 67 Days of Smiles

 The only ‘catch’ would be that you would have to take two months off from work. Of course if you don’t have a job, or you have a very understanding boss then apply away. You’ll also need an equally fearless partner which could be another obstacle.


What’s Your Take?
Would you like to get paid to ride roller coasters and basically be a tourist? Leave a comment below.