Top 3 Urban Roller Coasters

Top 3 Thursdays!If you ask me every major city should have its own roller coaster. Right there in the middle of downtown. It could be managed and maintained by the parks and recreation department of the local government. Imagine a unique, thrilling roller coaster in Chicago’s Grant Park, New York’s Central Park, or Atlanta’s Centennial Park. Until I’m elected mayor of a city or I get Obama to pass my Municipal Roller Coaster Resolution, this week’s list will have to do. This time we’ll have a look at the Top 3 Urban Roller Coasters.

3 – Manhattan Express at New York New York Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, NevadaManhattan Express at New York New York Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas
Manhattan Express is a large looping roller coaster that’s not only in an urban area, above the strip in Las Vegas, it’s located at a Hotel & Casino themed after the Big Apple. It’s a rare Togo-designed coaster in the U.S. that I hear is pretty rough. It’s got a great back drop though. One day I’ll make it to Sin City and ride this urban monster.


Cyclone at Astroland - Coney Island New York2 – Coney Island Cyclone at Astroland – New York, New York
The legendary Coney Island Cyclone is still thrilling riders 80 years after its first rides in 1927. Located about 10 miles  south of Manhattan, Astroland is just a subway ride from the heart of New York City. I hope to make it Coney Island soon. I’ve been itching to do a Rye Playland-Coney Island day trip for years.

Thunder Dolphin at Tokyo Dome Amusement Park1 – Thunder Dolphin at Tokyo Dome City Amusement Park – Tokyo, Japan

Could there be anything more urban than literally riding up, over, down, and through sky scrapers? Tokyo is the perfect back drop for oddly named Thunder Dolphin, an Intamin hyper coaster that’s the 7th tallest roller coaster in the World. Please no hate mail from the New Yorkers.

Check out this POV video of Thunder Dolphin in Tokyo:

What’s Your Take?

What do you think about this week’s Top 3? Did I miss any urban roller coasters? Leave a comment below.