Ring Racer's LogoToday, the roller coaster speed crown passes from New Jersey to Nürburg as Ring°Racer is set to officially open at Nürburgring, Germany. The former record holder Six Flags Great Adventure’s Kingda Ka, tops out at a blistering 128 mph. Ring°Racer will push the envelope even further with a top speed of 134 mph (217 km/h).Ring Racer at Nurburgring

The world’s new fastest coaster will have an appropriate home. According to wikipedia, Nürburgring, known as simply “The Ring” by enthusiasts, is a motorsport race track in Nürburg, Germany. Like the infamous Autobahn it includes public acceess roads where anyone with a registered car can drive as fast as they want. Here’s a Google Translated version of how Ring°Racer is described on the Nürburgring web site:

The absolute madness: Formula-1-feeling in the fastest roller coaster in the world. In parallel with the start and finish line of the Nürburgring Grand Prix track star you on the journey of your life: pure adrenalin, the heart races. The traffic light goes to green and in less than 2.5 seconds you’ll get to 217 km / h faster. Twice as fast as a Formula 1 racer in the same time. A steep curve catapulted the car into the air and back into the ring boulevard °. In a dizzying height – directly under the ceiling – it’s back into the station. ” – Nürburgring.de

Check out this animation video of the Ring°Racer at Nürburgring:

To read another translated article and also to learn about other car and bike-themed roller coasters read this post. More discussion about the Ring°Racer can be found here.

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  1. Matthew

    Wow they actually did it I didn't even hear any news about them even building this! But still very impressive!

  2. The Coaster Critic

    I'll try to find some coverage from the opening and update this post soon. I would assume that there was a lot of media on hand and maybe some German coaster fan sites.

  3. Matthew

    haha i just remembered people saying that they are going to be doing this. I never heard 1 word about them even starting to build this! And now its open. WOW

  4. Daniel

    Hope it is more reliable than Kingda Ka…I took an 8 hour trip yesterday up to NJ just so my 9 year old could finally see it…and it is down for a few weeks…what a let down

  5. Matthew

    Ya on those launch coasters you have to expect that. I wonder how often Ring Racers going to break down?

  6. JaMeS

    I don't think Ring Racer will have many breakdowns because it doesn't have to launch up a tower. Only few breakdowns are caused on Kingda Ka, on the launch. So, don't expect many on this sucker.

  7. This New Roller Coas

    This is dumb. 🙁 The King Da Ka will always be better. It gives you more adrilence then this coaster in Nuhyr-Burg (lol, NUYHR-BURH)

  8. King Da Ka is better

    More like Nurh-Buyrg (LOL, instead of Nurburing)'s DUMBEST roller coaster. Seriously, what up with it '134 miles per hour' at first, and then slowing down? King Da Ka does not slow down till the end. So HA Nuryh-Buyrg.


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