Roller Coaster Accident Injures 11 Children in New York City

dragon_wagonOn Sunday, a kiddie roller coaster known as a Dragon Wagon tipped over injuring 11 children at a New York Church Festival in the Bronx. The Wisdom Rides Dragon Wagon is a portable roller coaster that seems to be using a trailer as its base or station. Some smaller parks have permanently installed the ride. Below, I inserted an overhead shot of a Dragon Wagon at the Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. You can see that the entire ride.

A Dragon Wagon at the Neverland Ranch

An investigation is underway to figure out what caused the accident. Obviously, the supports will be the first place they’ll look. It looks like the permanent installments have supports that have been concreted to a slab that it sits on. I couldn’t find a great picture of other installations, but whatever the portable versions are held in place with didn’t do their job.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured or killed in the incident. The New York Daily News reported that the children only suffered minor injuries. I’m sure the parents were hysterical (as I would be). Again, another reason why I’m not big on carnival rides. I have more faith in permanent structures than rides that are constantly moved and reassembled.

What’s Your Take?
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