The Coaster Critic Returns to Space

I finally got around to refreshing my other site, Coaster Portal. It’s a new take on the old school link directory that includes web site profiles, user ratings and reviews, general theme park web site news, all in a space themed package.

I really want the site to be more Web 2.0 and interactive than link sites of the past. There are several places for people to submit sites, submit news about sites, rate sites, or leave their own reviews or feedback. I’ve incorporated Snap Shots that show previews of links without having to click-through. Just hover your mouse over the icons when they appear next to links. I figured this feature would be perfect for a link directory web site.Coaster Portal

Sites are listed in the following categories:
Theme Parks (including links to park Wikipedia & Twitter pages)
Roller Coaster Designers
Unofficial theme park sites
Communities & Clubs
News Sites (including some site profiles)
Images & Videos
Theme Park Games
Tools & Resources (ie. coaster counters & soon iPhone apps)

Recent Web Site News stories include the Gravity Group’s blog and podcast, a look at CoasterBuzz’s new site, and Cedar Fair’s new Ride Warrior Nation site. Visit Coaster Portal.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Coaster Portal? Do you have any suggestions? What’s your favorite planet theme? Leave a comment below.