Intimidator at Carowinds LogoUPDATE – The day has come and Carowinds has made their official announcment. Looking for information on Carowinds Intimidator? Visit my post here.

Cedar Point LogoUPDATE –
Looking for the latest on the Cedar Point 2010 roller coaster? Check out this post.

A photo was posted on CarowindsConnection yesterday that has caused quite a stir in the coaster enthusiast community. It is supposed to be a ‘spy photo’ in a marketing office at the park. It’s said to show the name and theme for the Carowinds’ yet tobe revealed 2010 roller coaster.

White Lightning Name of the Carowinds 2010 Coaster?

White Lightning Photo – Real, Fake, or Leaked
Now, the debate is on. Is the picture real? Meaning someone risked being fired or possibly prosecuted and took a James Bond-like spy photo of the ride’s new logo. Was the picture leaked? Some see placed hints or clues in the picture and also note that the desk looks too clean and organized. Is it possible that Carowinds released the photo on purpose to build up some buzz on the new ride. Or is the picture fake? Did someone photoshop or manufacture it just to pass some time home from school this summer?

UPDATE 7/26 – EMRAWFODOG found this video of a teaser that was being played at CoasterStock this past weekend:

I’m excited to see that the ride will have a racing theme like I’d hoped. It’s great that it will have an original, local flavor to it. NASCAR is HUGE in these parts! A racing theme will only help bring added attention to the new attraction. Props to Carowinds & Cedar Fair for not going the ‘Goliath’ generic name route.

UPDATE – The official announcement for Carowinds 2010 roller coaster will be on August 26th. We’ll finally know exactly what the park is getting in less than a month! Check back here for my take on the news.

Carowinds & White LightningWhyte Lightning 2010 Roller Coaster
White Lightning has been thought to be the name of the Carowinds coaster. Since Carowinds had a coaster named ‘White Lightnin’ in the past, the whole “Lightning Strikes Twice” thing would be the expected motto of the ride. Also, this leaked teaser photo was said to be from taken at Carowinds. In addition, NASCAR is huge in the Charlotte area and the image invokes the history of the sport that involved moonshine smugglers. We’ll find out when the park releases all of the details on August 26th!

What’s Your Take?
Is it real, fake, or leaked? Leave a comment below.

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33 Responses

  1. Lamar Allen

    Even on the white lightning site, it says at the top that lightning strikes twYce.! If you check the Cedar Point Facebook page, the status says, Want the heads up on 2010? Stay tuned, Somethin's brewin.! On the white lightning page, it says at the bottom, proudly brewed by the crystal rock bottling country., which is another clue. Also, another clue is that a recent status said, Ill have my lunch TOGO, its lightnin outside. This gives two clues, TOGO, Meaning the defunct japanese rollercoaster manufacturers and the word lightning, which resolves back to the whole lightning concept.!

  2. Schwarz

    That comment is old Michal check the date. That was about two weeks ago when I went there.

  3. Schwarz

    Sorry Lamar Allen You are wrong because The kings dominion coaster is named intimidator.

  4. Lamar Allen

    Yea true at Schwarz! lol! But I do know for a fact tha Carowinds new coaster is goin to b called White Lightnin, well atleast thats what SCREAMSCAPE says. lol!

  5. Lamar Allen

    Since Intimidator is 5 feet shorter than Millenium, I think intimidator is Milleniums little brother.!

  6. Schwarz

    yea its most likely going to be white lightning because if you go to it is a page under construction.

  7. Lamar Allen

    yea ok. The name of the coaster is called Intimidator, just like the one at King's Dominion, Making SCREAMSCAPE wrong.

  8. Lamar Allen

    Wow! this is making me wonder what is Cedar Point's next coaster…..

  9. Lamar Allen

    Hey Schwarz, go to screamscape and look up Cedar Point! By looking at the video, the name of the new Cedar Point coaster is Whyte Lightning, well thats what the video shows. Check it out!

  10. it doesnt mater

    i think it will be awsome. i always enjoy new big roller coasters


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