Busch Gardens Trip: Farewell Big Bad Wolf & the Roller Coaster Tour
For my final trip of the season I’ll be returning to one of my favorite theme parks on the planet: Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I’ll get to take Big Bad Wolf for one more spin in its last days. If you want to ride it before it closes, you have until Monday night (Labor Day) to say goodbye. I’m sad to see it go as I love terrain coasters. The ride’s detailed Bavarian Village is a roller coaster landmark in my opinion and the dive to the Rhine River is still pretty exhilirating even after 25 years. Check out my full Big Bad Wolf review and read my take on the coaster’s removal in a Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily News article.

I’m also going to take Busch Garden’s new VIP Roller Coaster Tour where I’ll get to learn all about the ins and outs of how BGW’s world-class coasters work. I couldn’t be more excited to get this unparalleled access including tours of the stations, maintenance areas, and a trip to the top of 200 foot tall Griffon. Busch Gardens has two roller coasters in my Top Ten (Alpengeist & Apollo’s Chariot) and I’m hoping that they’re still as good as ever. Lastly, I’ll be sure to do as much investigative reporting as possible as I hunt for any clues as to the park’s 2010 plans.

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What’s Your Take?
Austin, had a good question about Bolliger & Mabillard’s hyper coasters on my “What Is A Hyper Coaster” post that I’ll be sure to ask. If there’s anything you want me to ask the operations crew or find out for you let me know. Leave a comment below.

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Founder of CoasterCritic.com. My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.

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  1. QB3

    Above you said that BGW was one of your favorite theme parks, the question arises, what IS your favorite theme park? i read your top 10 coasters steel and wood, but i havent read any thing about your favorite theme parks, i havent read many about theme parks and theme park groups, besides for reviews, and comments about some major theme park groups, but thats it. what i want to know, is what theme park is the best?

  2. JaMeS

    check if there is any sprayers in the water drop, because I was just at BGT Saturday, and I saw something looking identical to the ones on manta.

  3. Austin

    Hey Coaster Critic, when are you going to put the report from this trip up? I'm very eager to hear the answer to my question!

  4. The Coaster Critic

    Austin, I'm still catching up on writing about some other trips first. I should have the post up in the next week or so hopefully. I'm looking forward to writing about it. I just got some posts in the queue ahead of it. Stay tuned!

  5. The Coaster Critic

    QB3, "what's the best theme park?" is a loaded question. It really depends on what type of park you like most. Roller coasters, theming, a homey-atmosphere vs. a modern park chain atmosphere, landscaping, and even the costs of the park all go into what makes up a theme park. With so many factors it's really hard to compare them. It's like asking what's the best car? Would it be the best selling car the Camry or the fastest car in the world or the most luxurious?

    Plus, I'd hate to crown a 'best' theme park when I typically just experience the rides and roller coasters and not the entire park. It's an interesting question, believe it or not. Maybe I'll write a post about it later.


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