Kentucky Kingdom’s Chang Is Being Removed

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s largest roller coaster, Chang, is on the move.  The rumors of the ride’s removal were confirmed today. I noticed that NewsPlusNotes posted a link to a article about Chang’s Removal for a Water Park Expansion.

Destination Unknown & Six Flags Coaster Exchange Program?
While Chang’s new home is unknown, rumors are that the B&M stand-up looper is on its way to Six Flags Great America near Chicago, IL. The article mentions that Kentucky Kingdom will be giving the ride to another amusement park. This could hint to the chain’s 50th anniversary in 2011. Some are pointing out that the Six Flags parks gave gifts to each other in a kind of ride/roller coaster exchange program during the last big anniversary. The odd thing about the Great America rumor is that the park already has a stand-up coaster in Iron Wolf. It was B&M’s very first roller coaster. Maybe they will retire that ride next year and install Chang in 2011. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this coaster swapping going in the next few years.

Chang at Kentucky Kingdom - Layout View

Future of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
It’s not looking good for Kentucky Kingdom. In recent years roller coasters, like the dueling woodie Twisted Sisters, have been SBNO (standing, but not operating). Kentucky Kingdom hasn’t received a new roller coaster since 2003 while the water park has seen continued growth. Many have thought that the park may be transitioning to a water park. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of Kentucky Kingdom and the start of a new water park only era much like the fate of Geauga Lake.

Whichever Six Flags receives Chang will be very lucky. Chang is my all-time favorite stand-up coaster. Read my full review of Chang at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Chang’s removal? Which Six Flags park do you think should get Chang? Leave a comment below.