Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 2010 Roller Coaster

Six Flags Magic Mountain May Tie Cedar Point with 17 Roller Coasters in 2010
It’s time once again to speculate on another new roller coaster project. This time Six Flags Magic Mountain is looking to add yet another roller coaster to their already huge arsenal of thrill rides. Last week, NewsPlusNotes reported that during the Six Flags Blogger Call, CEO Mark Shapiro mentioned that Magic Mountain will be getting a new “children’s ride” that they will announce in November. The LA Times Funland Blog also cited the news calling the ride a “family attraction.”

There’s been questioning as to why most believe this will be a roller coaster instead of some other ride. It all stems from a December 2008 LA Times article:

“Closer to home, Shapiro said Six Flags Magic Mountain will be getting another roller coaster in 2010 and a Wiggles World kiddie land sometime after that. Shapiro also said that if Terminator Salvation: The Ride proves popular at Magic Mountain when it opens in May 2009, the wooden coaster would wind up at another Six Flags park in 2010.” –LA Times Funland Blog

Magic Mountain to Share the Coaster Crown with Cedar Point
In November, we’ll know exactly what type of roller coaster the new ride will be. But the most important part of the 2010 project is that the new coaster will put Magic Mountain in a tie with Cedar Point. Both parks will have 17 roller coasters. I knew Magic Mountain was close and for that reason I (along with others) was sure that Cedar Point’s much teased and hyped 2010 ride was going to be a roller coaster so that they could stay ahead of Magic Mountain. Instead, Cedar Point will be adding a cool water ride: Shoot the Rapids. Few seem to know this, especially very few Ohioans, but Magic Mountain had the most roller coasters for a number of years before they removed Psyclone and Flashback in early 2007.

More 2010 Roller Coaster News on the Way…
Also, just a note. I’ll be transitioning the New for 2009 page to 2010 next month. So check back for that page which will give you all of the latest updates for the biggest 2010 roller coasters.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Magic Mountain claiming or sharing the coaster crown? What kind of roller coaster do you think Six Flags Magic Mountain will add for 2010? What should they add? Leave a comment below.