Arrow’s 700-Foot-Tall Fish-Hook Roller Coaster

Arrow’s 700-Foot-Tall Fish-Hook Roller CoasterProposed Fish Hook Roller Coaster on the Las Vegas Stratosphere
I was recently contacted by a television production company doing research on roller coasters. They wanted to know if there were any strata coasters currently being built. Strata coasters are over 400′ tall and currently there are only two in the World in that lofty category. Kingda Ka & Top Thrill Dragster.

I told the producer that there was nothing (that I knew of) that was being built or even in development that would set a new height record. His inquiry reminded me of a proposed 700-foot tall roller coaster designed by Arrow Dynamics in 2001.

Six-seat cars would hoist riders up the southern face of the 1,149-foot tower, Stratosphere spokesman Mike Gilmartin said. At 740 feet, the cars would drop off a ledge, plunge down the east side of the tower and across the street, where they would rise to a height of 415 feet.

The roller coaster was heavily opposed by locals and was eventually scrapped. Soon after, Arrow went bankrupt. One has to wonder if the proposed fish hook coaster was built, would Intamin & Cedar Point have still teamed up for Top Thrill Dragster. They may have still been able to claim a speed record, but height would have been far out of reach, unless they touted the “Tallest Complete Circuit Roller Coaster” title.

X at Magic Mountain was Arrow’s final gasp as the company went bankrupt working on the prototype 4th dimension roller coaster. Later S&S moved in and purchased the company. I’d love to see S&S take up where Arrow left off and find a way to reliably and safely execute the fish hook coaster concept. Imagine a record-breaking drop that had a roller coaster train plummeting down the side of a skyscraper or the wall of the Grand Canyon.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Arrow’s proposed fish hook roller coaster? Image courtesy of Las Vegas Sun.