Top 3 Roughest Steel Coasters

Top 3 Thursdays!

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ve noticed how often I point out the rougher wooden coasters. Rides like the Cyclone at Six Flags New England and Wildcat at Hershey Park are abusive and terribly uncomfortable. This week, we’ll look at some of the roughest steel roller coasters around. This is a tough Top 3 to pull together. There are rides that have some pretty rough moments like Kings Dominion’s Anaconda during the brake run, but usually roughness is momentary on steel coasters. Thanks to Quil for suggesting this week’s topic.

Mantis at Cedar Point3 – Mantis at Cedar Point
Mantis, one of the largest stand-up coasters in the World, added a new dimension to roller coaster roughness. During my ride I felt a strong pain in my legs from the g-forces and some unwelcome head banging from a few of the loops. From the comments on my review, others seem to have had similar experiences. For me, Mantis was one of the biggest disappointments in Cedar Point’s lineup and possibly one of B&M’s worst roller coasters.

2 – Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia
When I rode the Ninja in 2008 it was my worst ride of the year. It looks cool with it’s twisted red track situated on a pond near the back of the park. Unfortunately, the ride is rough, shaky, and has your head bouncing off of the hard over-the-shoulder restraints. Also, other than its appearance there wasn’t anything from the ride that was enjoyable. Ninja makes me glad that there aren’t more Vekoma seated loopers in the U.S.

1 – Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure
Great American Scream Machine is an egregiously rough Arrow looper sitting on a picturesque parking lot at Great Adventure.  Like the other rough coasters on this list you’ll definitely find your head bouncing off the should restraints. But, on GASM there is also significant head-bang during the transitions and in places that are usually harmless on other rides. This roller coaster has almost nothing to offer and I can’t believe how some people can look past the rough, jarring, and just un-fun ride.

Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure

Dishonorable Mention
The Vekoma SLC’s Mind Eraser clones were definitely in contention for the Top 3, but some of them are actually rideable. T2 at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom was probably the roughest of the clones. The Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion and Jokers Jinx were both super painful when they had over-the-shoulder restraints. In fact, Flight of Fear would probably take the worst spot if it wasn’t for that change. I remember wanting aspirin every time I got off of that ride.

What’s Your Take?
Do you agree with my list of the roughest steel coasters? What were some of the roughest steelies you’ve ridden? Leave a comment below. Pictures courtesy of CoasterImage.