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This week, I’m going to start a new feature called Most Wanted Coasters. I’m going to write about the roller coasters that I ‘d most like to ride one day. There are thousands of roller coasters around the World. While there are a number of rides that are identical to the rides at your local park, there are also quite a few roller coasters out there that are like nothing you’ve encountered. I’m going to feature these interesting and thrilling looking coasters and eventually build a Most Wanted list.

Crystal Wings at Happy Valley
For my first edition, I ‘m going to feature Crystal Wings at Happy Valley. I’d known of Crystal Wings for years as China’s Superman: Ultimate Flight clone, but I’d not taken the extra step to really look at it until I was working on the Roller Coaster Wiki. (Wooden coasters will be added this Friday!)

Crystal Wings looks so amazingly themed that it’s almost unfair to call it a clone. The B&M flying coaster is partially hidden within a huge mountainous castle (pictured above) known as the Holy Crystal Castle. Crystal Wings’ beige (?) colored track appears visible here and there. The signature pretzel loop is the most open element. The rest of the course seems to have the track weaving in, out, and through rocky surroundings.

I would imagine that the ride creates some great near miss feelings where you feel much closer to the rocks than you actually are similar to my favorite part of Manta. The rocky theming reminds me of what I had hoped King’s Dominion’s Volcano: The Blast Coasterwas going to be like before I rode it. It also reminds me of Demon at Six Flags Great America because the park took a standard clone and themed it. Of course Crystal Wings took the theming to an entirely different level, the concept is similar.

Even though it’s technically the same ride as Superman: The Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags Great America, and Six Flags Great Adventure, Crystal Wings is on my Most Wanted Coasters list. Theme Park Review has more great shots of Crystal Wings weaving in and out of the rocky surroundings.  Also, check out the rest of CoasterForce‘s images.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Crystal Wings at Happy Valley? If you’ve ridden Crystal Wings, I’d love to hear what you thought. Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterForce.

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  1. JaMeS

    i wish i could do all that… im stuck in florida, but that is not a good or bad thing 🙂

    • schwarz

      Well JaMeS, your better than me cuz here in Charleston the nearest park (other than freestyle music park) is 2.5-3 hours away! You at least got all the orlando parks. Oh and one of my most wanted would to be to take a trip to parks in england when i go in a couple years.

  2. Tom

    I would really like to try that. Even though most people say it is boring, I love SupermanUF. It's one of my favorite coasters. It would be awesome to ride a clone of it with all that theming. This looks like a great new bit too. Can't wait for more Most Wanted posts!

  3. Prof. BAM

    I also love B&M flyers (even though I've only been on one). So, Crystal Wings is a clone. So What? Clones can be made good with themeing and layout/terrain. Crystal Wings appeals to be a very intriguing coaster. And a thrilling one (since you can't see me, I'm drooling over the pictures)!!!

  4. ericsensysos=b.p.sux

    most wanted old western…crystal wings…sorta old western hey what gives ;but anyways looks like a cool coaster

  5. Jack

    it looks liker a ordinary flying coaster but in the mountains but still no flying coaster will ever beat the tatsu flying coaster

  6. Player 118462.

    My top most wanted rides would probably be:


    Storm Runner

    Mr. Freeze (SFOT)

    Colossus (TP)

    The Swarm

    The Legend

    Saw:The Ride


    New Texas Giant

    Goliath (SFNE)

  7. Crave Cravak

    I've had the pleasure of riding this beauty. It's not as intense as the Supermans at Six Flags parks… which for me is welcomed. It's a pleasant romp around their Canada's Wonderland knock off mountain. Highly recommend it. Sadly, with that S&S beast next door, it doesn't look as awesome.

    • The Coaster Critic

      Thanks for the review, Crave. I'm jealous. I really hope to make it to China, Korea, and Japan some day. Lots of interesting and exciting looking roller coasters over there.

      • Acid

        You should go to China one day since there's more custom coasters here. Well, riding coasters with Chinese people(not coaster fans) is fun, they're always scared to death. Certainly there're coaster fans here and we hope to see you in China one day.~

  8. Nicholas

    Eventhough I'm only 12 years old I am a crazy roller coaster fan. I know almost every roller coaster in the United States. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've been on Crystal Wings so many times I can't count it. Just like you said, Crystal Wings is a great coaster. It features fast turns, near misses, and a great pretzel loop. It feels different from the one on Tatsu, but it's just great. I never knew that Crystal Wings was a clone because I couldn't figure the layout. But it was until I looked on Wikipedia that it was a clone of the other 3 Supermans. But who cares, its still one of the best coaster around. Specially the best in China.

  9. Acid

    It's incredibly smooth until today. I rode it again in March and it was still good.
    Starry Sky Ripper(the B&M flyer at Joyland,Changzhou,China) has more elements but can't beat this one~


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