Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like | Theme Park Website Spotlight

Normally I wouldn’t showcase a defunct website, but the eight posts on this short-lived blog are awesome. Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like is based on the popular blog Stuff White People Like that has inspired other sites and even books like Stuff Christians Like. They’re often written from a standpoint akin to a sociologist or someone studying the behavior of a group of people or a species.

Anyway, Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like poked fun at the common roller coaster enthusiasts. The blog detailed enthusiasts rabid love for smaller traditional amusement parks like Holiday World and Knoebels. It also mentioned Robb Alvey from Theme Park Review’s dream life (which I’ll have to cover in another post), and it started to define common lingo like POV (point of view) and ERT (exclusive ride time).

Bring Back Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like
Unfortunately, like many new blogs, the posts stop coming. Maybe the blogger lost steam or just got too busy. It’s a funny read and I wish it would have continued. I implore someone to take up the cause and continue this blog or start a new one. The site is a good reminder to everyone that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and not take your fandom or any hobby too seriously.

What’s Your Take?
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