Thirteen’s Creepy Blipvert TV Ads

Alton Towers has the hype machine going at full speed as the opening for their much anticipated new roller coaster draws near. Not much is known about Thirteen other than that it’s supposed to be so scary that there will be a controversial age limit. There was also talk of a limit to the times per day one could ride, but I would have to imagine that both of these restrictions will be lifted. They could just be clever hype builders as are these two new ultra-short TV ads.

The ads are so short that they’re called blips or blipverts. At only five seconds, they’ll be sure to get anyone’s attention. Well, as long as they’re actually watching commercials and not fast-forwarding through them on their TiVo or DVR.

WARNING – These ads are scary. If you’re a kid, please get your parents permission before viewing. Disclaimer – The Coaster Critic’s Blog is not responsible for nightmares.

For people expecting to see some of the actual ride, the ads are likely disappointing. With such little known about the ride, Thirteen is in danger of being the most over-hyped, but under-delivering roller coaster in history. Hopefully, Thirteen can deliver when it opens (if it opens on schedule) on March 20th. I’m in the camp that thinks it will be something really great, but I’ve been wrong before.

More at the official Thirteen at Alton Towers website.

UPDATE – 3/20 Thirteen is now open! You can read some early reviews here. Also, Alton Towers has a two longer commercial that show a bit of the drop. The one on the left is pre-watershed meaning it’s okay to run during the day in the U.K. and the one on the right is only approved to be aired after 9 PM. Again, if you’re easily scared, please do not watch. They’re pretty well done!:

What’s Your Take?
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