La Ronde Attacked by Sea Monster Ednör

This week, Montreal theme park La Ronde announced the name and theme of their new (ish) roller coaster. The Six Flags affiliated park received a Vekoma SLC that was orignially Serial Thriller at Six Flags AstroWorld from 1999 until 2005. When AstroWorld closed, the coaster remained in storage at Great Escape for nearly 4 years.

Last winter the ride was shipped to La Ronde where it will get a new life as Ednör – L’Attaque. Ednor is a sea monster that has been spotted around the park that’s located on an island in a river in Montreal. Ednor has been built over the Lac des Dauphins, a pond inside the park.

Ednor will include some special effects and a pre-show experience. Here’s an excerpt from the press release that explains more:

Photo Credit - Pierre Cloutier

“EDNÖR – L’attaque” is the first ever totally themed rollercoaster and features a pre-ride show that willtake passengers on a tour of a simulated interpretation centre dedicated to the study of sea monsters, including the now-famous resident of Lac des Dauphins, EDNÖR.

In another first, La Ronde will take advantage of the sea monster’s presence in Lac des Dauphins to include its appearances as “special effects” as part of the ride. For example, during the ride, passengers will come very close to a powerful spurt of water from EDNÖR, a phenomenon previously described by the workmen involved in the March 30 incident. Press Release

Monstres de Mer!
I like that the park is really focusing on theming. Vekoma SLC’s are nothing revolutionary, but a fun theme and pre-show can add to the experience.The photo to the left captured the beast in action. It was released by La Ronde as proof of its existence. The pre-show includes references to other famous sea monsters around the World including Nessie and Champ. I’m from Virginia and I remember hearing of an alleged monster in the Chessapeake Bay called Chessie. Here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area there’s a large man-made lake north of the city called Lake Norman. It’s home to, you guessed it, Normie.

I’ve always wanted to make it up to Canada for Canada’s Wonderland and La Ronde. La Ronde has ten roller coasters with the addition of Ednor. Most notable is Goliath a 2006 B&M out and back hyper coaster that’s nothing but airtime hills.

Read the press release here.
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