Theme Park Travel Tips on FareCompare

FareCompare is a travel site where you can book airfare and get travel advice. Their differentiator appears to be their “When to Fly” real-time alerts sent via email and Twitter. With airline prices constantly fluctuating these alerts can notify you as soon as prices drop so that you can save before prices go back up. Recently, I was invited to write a guest post for FareCompare’s Blog that has a new feature called 4×4 where guests are asked four travel questions.

Must Visit Theme Parks & A Must Ride Roller Coaster
For the theme park edition I was asked about must visit theme parks. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while it should be easy for you to guess which theme park(s) I touted as my favorite. Then I was asked what roller coaster that I felt everyone should ride at some point in their life. My answer to this question might surprise my readers, but I picked the coaster that I had ridden and that added up to an unforgettable experience. I also picked a roller coaster that was easy to describe. The average reader out there might be scratching their heads as I describe Alpengeist’s cool immelmann inversion or the extreme airtime on Bizarro.

Theme Park Travel Tips: Save Money & Avoid Lines
The last two questions were the most common questions I get about theme park trips. When’s the best time to visit theme parks to avoid long lines? And, how can you save money on a theme park trip?

To see my answers to all four questions. Read the post here: Summer Travel Tips: Theme Park Edition

Thanks to FareCompare for the opportunity to write on their blog!

What’s Your Take?
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