Last Summer, we had the game show Brain Rush where contestants were asked questions while riding Knotts Berry Farms’ roller coasters. This year, the Travel Channel has launched Bert the Conqueror. Here’s a description:

Thrill-seeker Bert Kreischer takes viewers to the legendary events, competitions and adrenaline rushes that celebrate local culture. He experiences the most hilariously absurd, undeniably dangerous and hands-down insane challenges small-town America has to offer.

Whether Bert’s attempting to walk across “The Greasy Pole” in Gloucester, MA, catfish noodlin’ in Knoxville, TN, or taking on Cedar Point’s “Fearsome Foursome” roller-coaster challenge in Sandusky, OH, he’ll stop at nothing to showcase what the locals do for fun.

Tonight Wednesday, June 16th, at 10:00 E/P the show kicks off with Bert taking on Wicked at Lagoon and one of those cool Alpine coasters that I wrote about last winter. Then at 10:30, Bert faces the “Fearsome Foursome Challenge” as he rides four of Cedar Point’s best roller coasters in less than an hour. Here’s a commercial for the show:

Here are some more photos from his Cedar Point trip and his Utah trip.

UPDATE: Comments on this post are closed. Visit my Bert the Conqueror Episode Recaps post to discuss the show and keep up with his adventures.

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  1. Mike

    Thanks for the heads up. Had the wife record it. TRV always has good thrill ride programs

  2. merle

    when is the cating at ceader point? or by the looks of it has it already happend because i plan to make a trip there this summer.

    • Quil

      most likeley, Top thrill dragster, Millenium force, Magnum, and powertower.

  3. Prof. BAM

    I watched it last night, and TTD had a roll back! I hope that Cedar Point will take bribes to engineer a roll-back. I so want to do it! Next week, Bert's in Vegas. Specifically, the Stratosphere and its attractions including their Sky-Jump! So want to do the sky-jump. Anyone else?

  4. Piedude81

    I saw this show, it's wicked. BTW, I'm going to CP this summer for the first time.(hopefully)Just a little add on note Wicked looks awesome, and I can't belive I haven't heard of it before!

  5. BertIsMyHero

    Just caught this show for the first time last week. One word: *hilarious!!!* This is the only show on Travel Channel I have ever watched or even looked forward to with some regularity like other channels! I think they've finally found their winner!! Go Bert!! Rock on!


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