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I almost never pay full price admission when I go to theme parks. Either I have a season pass or I find a coupon at a local fast food chain, pharmacy, or grocery store. As I do every year, I’m going to devote a space where people can share the theme park coupons and deals that they’ve found. This year I’d like to organize it better by creating a searchable table like I have on my Roller Coaster Reviews List.

So, I’ll kick it off with the coupons I’ve found for my local park and then it’s up to you to share the deals, discounts, and coupons that you’ve found in your area. Together we can defeat those pricey full price admissions!

20093rd Behind Bizarro and Eagle's Fortress
20083rd Behind Bizarro and Eagle's Fortress
20072nd Behind Bizarro
20062nd Behind Bizarro
2005Tied with Bizarro

Share theme park discounts that you’ve found by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Judy P in Pgh

    Kennywood … Giant Eagle grocery store … $11 off

    HersheyPark … Dairy Queen … $8-14 off

    Dutch Wonderland (PA) … Dairy Queen … $2 off

    Sandcastle, Idlewild and SoakZone … Sheetz … buy one, get one free

    Busch Gardens & Water Country USA … "Teacher Reward CArd" … 25% off

    Cedar Point … Sunday newsopaper coupon section … $7 off (or $14 for 2)

    Cedar Point … soda carton … $8 off

    Dorney Park … soda carton … $8 off

    Valleyfair … soda carton … $7 off

    Worlds of Fun … soda carton … $8 off

    • The Coaster Critic

      Is a soda carton like the cardboard container 12 packs come in and not the actual cans? Sorry. I'm not familiar with the term.

      Thanks for all of the deals!

      • cft925

        I found these coupons for the Cedar Fair parks in a cardboard insert inside a 25-can carton of Pepsi.

  2. Josh

    So, I've found Cedar Point tickets for $25 sold at Meijers stores. Does anyone know if they still do that?

    Holiday world accepts a varying discount from Pepsi product cans or Bunny Bread wrappers: -copy and pasted from Holiday World's website*-

    "SAVE $7* off each General Admission ticket in May

    SAVE $2* off each Guests-under-54-inches and Seniors (60+) ticket every day

    SAVE $5* off each General Admission ticket in June

    SAVE $4* off each General Admission ticket Sundays through Fridays in July and August

    SAVE $2* off each General Admission ticket on Saturdays in July and August

    SAVE $4* off each General Admission ticket in September and October

    SAVE $11* off each General Admission ticket after 3:00 pm CDT every day*

    SAVE $7* off each Guests-under-54-inches and Seniors (60+) ticket after 3:00 pm CDT every day*

    *Remember, you must bring an empty Pepsi can or Bunny Bread wrapper to get these discounts—they are not automatic. No double-discounts. Any Pepsi product or Bunny Bread wrapper will work — and the can or wrapper does not have to have a coupon on it."

  3. Mike

    Right now coke cans have a buy one get one free deal on them for Six Flags America. Also I have triple AAA and u can get cheap tix from them if you are a member. Earlier this year I got 32 dollar tix for Six Flag NJ, 34 Dollar tix for Hersheypark and 40 dollar tix for KD

  4. Cuz

    I believe its all Chick-Fil-A in the Fredericksburg area but they have coupons for Six Flags of America

    May 31th – Sept 6th

    $24.99 ($25 saving)

    May 29th – Sept 5th (Hurricane Harbor)

    $29.99 ($20 saving)

    Sept 18th – Oct 31st (Fright Fest)

    Buy one, get one FREE

    Though the Chick-Fil-A's in Richmond, Va had coupons for Busch Gardens…though I forgot what they were, but I do believe it was everyone pays like a kid.

    Also the multiple individual soda cans Pepsi & Coke I hear on the radio.

    • CarolinaCoasterfreak

      The chick-fil-a's in Richmond do have coupons for Busch Gardens Williamsburg? And the coke and pepsi cans also for BGW?

  5. Ducky

    Six Flags Magic Mountain, Socal

    Buy one ticket and bring a coca-cola-can and get one free ( im NOT sure if this is still going on! )

  6. Prof. BAM

    Any Disney/Universal Orlando/Islands of Adventure/Sea World Orlando deals?

  7. Quil

    Cocacola cans:

    Six Flags New England: $6-$8 off

    The Great Escape: $5-$7 off

  8. cft925

    Park: Hersheypark

    Location: Wawa convenience stores

    Discount: $10 off regular admission in July, $8 off regular admission in August and September

    Park: Dutch Wonderland

    Location: Wawa Convenience stores

    Discount: $2 off Royalty Admission (ages 3-59)

    Park: Hersheypark

    Location: Pepsi soda can

    Discount: $10 off regular admission Sunday-Friday

    Park: Hersheypark

    Location: Giant Supermarkets

    Discount: Regular admission tickets are $41.95 ($11 discount); Junior/Senior tickets are $29.95 ($2 discount)

  9. baseball mom

    going to cedar point with a family of 5 July 20th, in need for some type of discount on tickets. Saw someone say $8 off from soda can carton…can this be used on a two day ticket??? We are wanting to get a two day ticket that allows entrance to BOTH cedar point and soak city.

  10. Judy P in Pgh

    HersheyPark … Burger King in MD … $8-14 off

    Dutch Wonderland (PA) … Burger King in MD … $2 off

  11. Daniel

    Do you know the Sheetz location for the Idlewild Coupons? And what you have to do to get the coupon?

  12. Georgia

    today is May 23,2013 does anyone know where to get Busch Garden tickets for less than 75 dollars thanks


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