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Also, for a recap of previous year’s new roller coasters, check out my New for 2009 | New Roller Coasters for 2010 page.

It’s the time of the year when theme park fans turn into detectives. We scour the Web for documents from public hearings, take pictures of pavement and dirt and proudly upload them, and we bite our nails as we countdown to August and September announcements.

Here are 11 confirmed and rumored projects for 2011:

Confirmed 2011 Roller Coasters
Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain
This 2010 coaster was delayed until 2011. Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster will be a family coaster themed after that weird old guy from the Six Flags ads. Unless Cedar Point adds a new coaster in 2011, the addition of this coaster will put the parks in a tie for the most roller coasters of any park with 17 each. Read more about Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster.

Black Diamond at Knoebels
Golden Nugget was a themed indoor family coaster that had been sitting idle at Dinosaur Beach (Wildwood, NJ) for ten years. Knoebels is going to breathe new life into the ride, much like it did with the acclaimed Phoenix. It is scheduled to re-open as Black Diamond next year.

Quassy’s Jr. Woodie from The Gravity Group
Connecticut’s Quassy Amusement Park is going to get a small wooden designed by The Gravity Group. It’s only 1,200 feet long, but I’m sure the Gravity Group can make every foot count.

<Quassy's 2011 Gravity Group Wooden Coaster

Rumored 2011 Roller Coasters
Chang to Resurface at Six Flags Great Adventure
Great American Scream Machine’s removal and replacement with Kentucky Kingdom’s Chang has been a hot topic this Summer. It will be interesting to see what Six Flags does with theming. Could Chang get an upgrade like Medusa did in 2009? Read more and check out a poll here.

Busch Gardens Tampa’s New Roller Coaster
Back in April someone uncovered plans for this new ride on a construction contractor’s website.
Rumors suggest: The prevailing rumor is that the new ride will be an Intamin launch coaster along the lines of Cedar Point’s Maverick. It may have a cheetah theme to go with the park’s African theme. Read more about the rumored new Busch Gardens Tampa roller coaster.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s New Area, New Roller Coaster, or Drop Ride
After the 260-foot height waiver mentioned in this article and the survey markings popping up in the Germany section of the park, speculation is at a fever pitch.
Rumors suggest: The new project may be a highly themed drop ride located near the former location of Big Bad Wolf. BGWFans has images of the survey markings.

There are also more rumors about a completely new land or ‘country’ getting added to the park. In addition, there are all varieties of roller coasters that are said to be on the way to the park. There’s no way to know what to believe yet. Behind the Thrills has a picture of land surveying near Big Bad Wolf’s old station.

Hersheypark Survey Markings
Hersheypark Survey Markings
Survey markings have appeared in the Comet hollow area of Hersheypark. ScreamScape has posted this satellite view of the area with survey markings.
Rumors suggest: Hersheypark fans on Keystone Thrills are hoping for an Intamin Mega-Lite, but I won’t hold my breath. I was hoping that either of the Intimidator coasters were going to be Mega-Lites, but it didn’t come to be. I have a feeling that U.S. parks are too record and superlative happy (tallest, fastest, etc) to build what amounts to a mini-hyper coaster. But, hopefully I’m wrong.

Six Flags Over Georgia 2011 Roller Coaster
A new coaster is said to be planned for 2011. It’s location may be between the Drive-In Theater and Mindbender’s lift.
Rumors suggest: Six Flags Over Georgia may get a Tony Hawk Big Spin Coaster like St. Louis, Discovery Kingdom, and the Texas parks. The other possibility is that Kentucky Kingdom’s Road Runner Express (a wild mouse coaster) may be headed to Georgia.

Knotts Berry Farms Survey Markings
According to ScreamScape there are survery markings all over the park. WestCoaster has several images.
Rumors suggest: I haven’t seen any good speculation threads on this one yet.

Valleyfair!’s Rumored Planet Snoopy
The cat’s nearly out of the bag on Valleyfair’s new kiddie area thanks to this local news article. The new area will likely be another Planet Snoopy and the park has all but confirmed the expansion.
Rumors suggest: A family roller coaster may be the focus of the new area. The official announcement will be on August 6th.

Lagoon’s New Family Roller Coaster
Last year ScreamScape posted pictures of supports that popped up at the Utah park.
Rumors suggest: Word on the street is that the Utah park will get a kiddie or family coaster for 2011.

The Rest of the World:
Bolliger & Mabillard’s known 2011 projects include the debut of their new ride design in X-Raptor at Gardaland (Italy)High Five Element on the New Gravity Group Dueler/Racer and a flying coaster at China’s World Joyland. China will also get a S&S 4th Dimension coaster at Dinosaur Park in China. Read more at about the S&S coaster at Theme Park Syndicate.

Recently, The Gravity Group announced a dueling/racing wooden coaster that they designed for Happy Valley in Wuhan, China. I’m excited to see a double tracked ride from them, I just wish that it was in America. The ride will feature a one-of-a-kind racing camelback banked at ninety degrees called the “high five.” Read more on the Gravity Group’s Gravity Cast.

What’s Your Take?
Which of the 2011 projects are you most excited about? Do you have some skinny about any of these or some other 2011 attraction? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Austin

    Nice list! Although, Chang wasn't confirmed for GADV yet, they did however confirm that a "new steel coaster" was coming. We all know it probably is Chang, but it's just not "official" yet.

  2. Brian

    I am literally giddy about the hersheypark news! Can't wait to see what pops up. But I have to disagree with you CC. I think Hershey would be the most inclined of any park listed here to build a mega-lite. First, HP has never been about "bigger = better". No thrill ride/coaster there stands over 200 ft. Second, HP has always been about innovation and originality. For example, Super dooper looper: east coast's first looper, Fahrenheit: east coast's first vertical lift and beyond vertical drop. Third, HP loves Intamin, as seen in recent years with the last 2 coasters built (Fahrenheit and Storm Runner). Maybe I'm being overly hopeful, but with their track record, hersheypark seems like a perfect fit for a mega-lite.

  3. Prof.BAM

    Valleyfair! is 1/2 hour from my house. I have heard rumors of a B&M invert for the 2011/2012 season. The article says substantial expansion. Valleyfair! has 3 kiddy areas in close proximity. Why have a 4th? So I am sticking with some sort of B&M coaster for the near future.

    As for BGW, I'm heading out there next summer. I've heard flying coaster or drop tower of some sort.

    • The Coaster Critic

      That would be surprising considering that I thought I read that Valleyfair! was one of the parks that Cedar Point was thinking about selling. You never know though.

      • Prof.BAM

        I heard that too. But why would they put in a Camp Snoopy if they were going to sell it off?

  4. Mike

    I'm hoping since Busch Gardens Tampa is possibly getting a Maverick type coaster they will continue the tradition at BGE of having a sister coaster (Shiekra/griffon, Montu/Alpy) and we will get one too! I don't think it will be next year though. Maybe the next 3 to 5 years.

      • Gearhart

        a low to the ground B&M flyer on the Wolf's spot would be perfect in my opinion. I can picture as a nod to the past a similar finale of diving down to the Rhine river, one can dream anyway…

  5. Gordy

    Nice list, CC.

    I heard Dollywood's making an announcement tommorrow, and Worlds of Fun will make one on the 8th. Doesn't seem like a coaster is in WoF's future, though. They already got a GCI woodie for '09.

  6. Quil

    It may seem that I make a lot of posts along similar lines, and none of them ever seem very likley, but for some reason, The Great Escape has been moving rides out of one area of the park, out in the corner of the park, squashed between the sky coaster and the largest area of woodland in the park. Two of the small rides from that area were jammed in by the scrambler and one was scrapped. The Geat Escape hasnt had a new coaster since the boomerang, wich was years ago. I'm not saying it's going to be a coaster, I'm not even saying there will be a ride. But The great Escape has it's own web of rumours, and one of the more frequent ones is that a new coaster may be coming in for the next few years, and TGE is in need of a smooth looper.

    • Gordy

      And if TGE gets another coaster, that will be it's 6th, and allow it to have the Six Flags name. 🙂

      • Quil

        Actualy, There was a kiddie ride I had forgotten about. It would be It's seventh. I don't know why the Great Escape dosen't bear the six flags name, but in commercials, they always say "Six Flags The Great Escape", but around the park it Either says "The Great Escape & Spashwater Kingdom", or, occasionaly, "Six Flags Lake George".

  7. Andrew

    I'd like to see some expansion in my neck of the woods, besides Quassy. Quassy, overall, is horrible, and that small woodie will be no big draw. Lake Compounce could use a new coaster (I always thought a launch coaster out into the lake would be amazing), and Six Flags New England could really use a newer ride. For a Six Flags park, having only 2 large coasters is not that great, even if Bizarro is the best.

    • CYCO1631

      I agree. Though Six Flags NE has a lot of coaster variety, most of the coasters in the park (with the notable exception of Intamin's Bizzaro) are only OK. When I compare it to Six Flags Great Adventure, I see 1 really good coaster at NE (Bizarro) to Nitro, Kingda Ka, Superman Ultimate Flight and El Toro.

    • Dr.Shadey

      Canobie Lake Park is getting a Eurofighter in 2011! Apparently it's not big enough news to reach the ears of Coaster Critic (*hint* *hint) but all New Englanders should really appreciate this! It's going to feature a 97* drop and 3 inversions, and will be named Untamed. Cannot wait!

  8. Tim

    No mention of the 2011 attraction for Cedar Point? While there isn't much information on it, we at least know it will be a thrill ride.

      • Brian

        I wonder where this stake is located.. (obviously on beach or sandy area somewhere, but where in or around the park) I'm thinking maybe they are gonna put in one of those Funtime Group slingshots. The name would make perfect sense and so would location if the stakes are on the beach. Odds are this isn't a coaster, unless CP is feeling threatened (or maybe just desire to be one-uppers) by SFMM tying their coaster count. The only doubt I have is that a slingshot would seem more suited for challenge park based on the style of the ride and seeing as how all of them (to my knowledge) are pay-per-ride. Thoughts?

  9. Gearhart

    Knott's better have something BIG to compete with it's neighbor's all having major projects opening in the next couple years

  10. Vince

    Brian, the steaks on the beach have since been removed, although markings are far and wide near Ocean Motion and the All Wheels Extreme Stadium. Rumors point to a StarFlyer, however many holes exist in that theory. What will Cedar Point get for 2011? Coaster enthusiasts are wishing for the famed woodie on the beach, but again, many holes exist in that theory. Dick Kinzel hinted toward a 2011 announcement in mid-August, but who knows what Cedar Point has up their sleeve for 2011?

  11. MDC

    Heard a rumor on Screamscape that Canada's Wonderland might get a GCI next season!

  12. Prof.BAM

    Now that Valleyfair! has confirmed Planet Snoopy for 2011, I am now on the edge of my seat for project 2012. I heard a rumor on Screamscape a few years ago that we would get some kind of B&M floorless coaster [floorless, inverted, diving (maybe even one of the new B&M 4-D coasters)] in either 2010, 2011, 2012. 2010 and 2011 are out. Project 2012.

    • Prof.BAM

      I have rediscovered this page and am once again pointing out my obsession to the trademarked name Stratosaur. In 2011, 4 Cedar Fair parks are getting WindSeekers, the rest are getting revamped kiddie areas. So my theory is that those that got kiddie areas in 2011, will get Stratosaur in 2012. Whatever type of coaster it could be.

  13. Merle

    I was just at Hershey and got a lot of pictures of the construction markings for the new ride seemingly is there a way I can post them on the site?

  14. Merle

    Also got some pictures of gasm being dismantled, when I explained to some people in the park that it was not reopening they were very disappointed. When I asked one park employe if it was confirmed that Chang was going to be moved to great adventure he said it was not official but it was going to. I asked another one If great adventure was going to retheme it and he said their (the park employes) are encouraged not to talk about it.

    • Sir Coaster

      Well, that debunks Chang going to Great America…

      I've been hearing EVERYWHERE that Six Flags bought the rights to the upcoming 'Green Lantern' movie, and they've stated that the theme will be used for a ROLLER COASTER…

      With his logic, the Green Lantern theme will go to a coaster, but apparently, there's been some rumors that Superman: The Escape will get a Green Lantern theming…Then again, these are just rumors…

      • Merle

        it would have been more likely with the past ceo but they could even build a new ride and have a few clones at various parks like batman the ride or superman ultimate flight. but thats probably not going to happen. i dont think superman the escape will get new theming unless they can figure out how to make it run consistintly without braking down

  15. DC

    There might be hope for HersheyPark yet. They've never fallen for all the hype of tallest or fastest in this mad competition. They shoot for "good"! I prefer Storm Runner over Kingda Ka or TTD for a high-hat coaster, since it actually includes a real coaster layout instead of the boring one trick pony concept.

    Years ago we ran into a couple Hershey head office guys I know down at Six Flags America. We had a pretty lengthy discusion on the merits of a Premier launched coaster like Joker's Jinx for their park since that wwas the hot new attractin at SFA that year. Our suggestion was to instead go wood, especially since the Premier launchers were extremely painful back then (That was before the restraint modifications, as done on Oucher Limits, er, Outer Limits). I don't know anyone over the age of 16 that likes any of them. One buddy kicked the train after debarking and cursed as a demon from hell, never to be ridden again. They're all on my "NA" list. (Never Again!)

    We touted the virtues of adding another GCi since they had so much success with The Widcat and what was then a relatively new section of the park. I'm not sure if it was our discussion, but the next new coaster was Lightning Racer, one of my favorites. I also got s can of chocolates and a thank you note. Again, LR's not a record breaker, but totally unique in its racing/dueling design. I've ridden it 30 times in one day with no bad side effects since it's so amooth.

    None of Hershey's coasters are giants, but they're all fun and infinitely rerideable. Son of Beast, The Beast, Kingda Ka, etc. all so disappointing. The Legend, Thunderhead, Hades, The Voyage, Nitro, Apollo's Chariot and even El Toro are much more satisfying. I prefer really good to really big. Okay, maybe MF and KD's Intimidator are exceptions. But then, they're really big AND really good.

  16. Gordy

    A little while ago, CC credited me for giving him info on a B&M Flying Coaster coming to China's World Joyland Park: The Starry Night Ripper:

    And it's apparently finished. Here are some photos provided by Theme Park Review.

    Those look like some AWESOME inversions, especially the Zero-G Roll by the lift hill. If this was a bit closer to me, I bet I would ride this instantly. 🙂


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