11 Rumored Roller Coasters & Attractions for 2011

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It’s the time of the year when theme park fans turn into detectives. We scour the Web for documents from public hearings, take pictures of pavement and dirt and proudly upload them, and we bite our nails as we countdown to August and September announcements.

Here are 11 confirmed and rumored projects for 2011:

Confirmed 2011 Roller Coasters
Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain
This 2010 coaster was delayed until 2011. Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster will be a family coaster themed after that weird old guy from the Six Flags ads. Unless Cedar Point adds a new coaster in 2011, the addition of this coaster will put the parks in a tie for the most roller coasters of any park with 17 each. Read more about Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster.

Black Diamond at Knoebels
Golden Nugget was a themed indoor family coaster that had been sitting idle at Dinosaur Beach (Wildwood, NJ) for ten years. Knoebels is going to breathe new life into the ride, much like it did with the acclaimed Phoenix. It is scheduled to re-open as Black Diamond next year.

Quassy’s Jr. Woodie from The Gravity Group
Connecticut’s Quassy Amusement Park is going to get a small wooden designed by The Gravity Group. It’s only 1,200 feet long, but I’m sure the Gravity Group can make every foot count.

<Quassy's 2011 Gravity Group Wooden Coaster

Rumored 2011 Roller Coasters
Chang to Resurface at Six Flags Great Adventure
Great American Scream Machine’s removal and replacement with Kentucky Kingdom’s Chang has been a hot topic this Summer. It will be interesting to see what Six Flags does with theming. Could Chang get an upgrade like Medusa did in 2009? Read more and check out a poll here.

Busch Gardens Tampa’s New Roller Coaster
Back in April someone uncovered plans for this new ride on a construction contractor’s website.
Rumors suggest: The prevailing rumor is that the new ride will be an Intamin launch coaster along the lines of Cedar Point’s Maverick. It may have a cheetah theme to go with the park’s African theme. Read more about the rumored new Busch Gardens Tampa roller coaster.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s New Area, New Roller Coaster, or Drop Ride
After the 260-foot height waiver mentioned in this article and the survey markings popping up in the Germany section of the park, speculation is at a fever pitch.
Rumors suggest: The new project may be a highly themed drop ride located near the former location of Big Bad Wolf. BGWFans has images of the survey markings.

There are also more rumors about a completely new land or ‘country’ getting added to the park. In addition, there are all varieties of roller coasters that are said to be on the way to the park. There’s no way to know what to believe yet. Behind the Thrills has a picture of land surveying near Big Bad Wolf’s old station.

Hersheypark Survey Markings
Hersheypark Survey Markings
Survey markings have appeared in the Comet hollow area of Hersheypark. ScreamScape has posted this satellite view of the area with survey markings.
Rumors suggest: Hersheypark fans on Keystone Thrills are hoping for an Intamin Mega-Lite, but I won’t hold my breath. I was hoping that either of the Intimidator coasters were going to be Mega-Lites, but it didn’t come to be. I have a feeling that U.S. parks are too record and superlative happy (tallest, fastest, etc) to build what amounts to a mini-hyper coaster. But, hopefully I’m wrong.

Six Flags Over Georgia 2011 Roller Coaster
A new coaster is said to be planned for 2011. It’s location may be between the Drive-In Theater and Mindbender’s lift.
Rumors suggest: Six Flags Over Georgia may get a Tony Hawk Big Spin Coaster like St. Louis, Discovery Kingdom, and the Texas parks. The other possibility is that Kentucky Kingdom’s Road Runner Express (a wild mouse coaster) may be headed to Georgia.

Knotts Berry Farms Survey Markings
According to ScreamScape there are survery markings all over the park. WestCoaster has several images.
Rumors suggest: I haven’t seen any good speculation threads on this one yet.

Valleyfair!’s Rumored Planet Snoopy
The cat’s nearly out of the bag on Valleyfair’s new kiddie area thanks to this local news article. The new area will likely be another Planet Snoopy and the park has all but confirmed the expansion.
Rumors suggest: A family roller coaster may be the focus of the new area. The official announcement will be on August 6th.

Lagoon’s New Family Roller Coaster
Last year ScreamScape posted pictures of supports that popped up at the Utah park.
Rumors suggest: Word on the street is that the Utah park will get a kiddie or family coaster for 2011.

The Rest of the World:
Bolliger & Mabillard’s known 2011 projects include the debut of their new ride design in X-Raptor at Gardaland (Italy)High Five Element on the New Gravity Group Dueler/Racer and a flying coaster at China’s World Joyland. China will also get a S&S 4th Dimension coaster at Dinosaur Park in China. Read more at about the S&S coaster at Theme Park Syndicate.

Recently, The Gravity Group announced a dueling/racing wooden coaster that they designed for Happy Valley in Wuhan, China. I’m excited to see a double tracked ride from them, I just wish that it was in America. The ride will feature a one-of-a-kind racing camelback banked at ninety degrees called the “high five.” Read more on the Gravity Group’s Gravity Cast.

What’s Your Take?
Which of the 2011 projects are you most excited about? Do you have some skinny about any of these or some other 2011 attraction? Leave a comment below.