Coaster Stock 2010 Recap Pt. 4: Trivia, Videos, & Night ERT

This is the final part of my coverage of Coaster Stock 2010 at Carowinds. After the Intimidator Tour, there was another break. Again, attendants dispersed throughout the park. I headed for the above average Arrow looper, Carolina Cyclone only to get caught by a thunder storm. All rides were halted for fear of lightning strikes. I waited in the station hoping that the storm would pass quickly, but it didn’t. Even as the rain eased up,  Carolina Cyclone was still dormant so I gave up and began my quest to find cotton candy for my wife. I knew that it wouldn’t have been wise to come home empty handed after she had survived a long day with the kids. It took a little while, but I found the cotton candy stand near White Water Falls. I took some random photos of the park since I had time to kill until the next event. Finally, the awards, video competition and trivia began in the Carowinds Theater.

Park Jeopardy
First, the Director of Marketing took questions from the audience. He emphasized a few changes to Scarowinds for Carowinds Trivia - Coaster Stock 20102010 including a shifting price structure throughout the month of Septemeber aimed at increasing attendance earlier in the month. The trivia game was run like Jeopardy only the questions involved Carowinds. The difficulty varied from easy questions like: “How many B&M roller coasters does Carowinds have?” to the super tough questions like the final jeopardy question below. The leader of the winning team got a great prize; a random roller coaster part.

Final Jeopardy
Question: What former ride at Carowinds became part of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch?
Answer: Melodia – A Train Ride

The Video Competition
Then, the videos that had been entered for the fan video competition were screened. Both of the videos were great and the voting was really close. In the end, Wormy’s video chronicling Intimidator construction won. Here’s the winning video:

Adding Pig Pen was a nice touch! There’s a message from Wormy about the video on Carowinds’ CaroBlog. After the fan videos, we watched the video made by Carowinds’ marketing department. It was a funny Twilight spoof with the PR Manager Bryn playing Bella and two other members of the staff playing Patrick and Jacob. I’ve never seen a Twilight movie, but I got most of the jokes and the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

Night Time ERT (Exclusive Ride Time)
Nighthawk CarowindsThe last event of a packed day was exclusive ride time on Intimidator from 10:30 to midnight. The night time ERT was supposed to include the Vekoma flying coaster Nighthawk, but it was down for the entire day. Nighthawk and Vekoma, were the butt of jokes all day. At least I had plenty of rides on Intimidator. They were running two trains for the then small crowd. After each exhilirating trip I could either switch to another seat, not have to move, or walk right back into the queue and hop on the very next train.

The view of the park and Charlotte’s skyline in the distance were beautiful at night. And the coolIntimidator Night ERT at Coaster Stock night air was welcomed after such a hot day. Intimidator seemed to be a little faster than I remembered and the air in the back seemed to be stronger than when I rode it in early April. I rode a few laps with Joel from CoasterGallery a few times and I was curious to see how he compared Intimidator to Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland. I left the park when I had had my fill. I had ridden Intimidator about 7 times. I hadn’t planned on staying until the end, but when I turned on my car I noticed it was midnight. As they say, time flies. And it definitely did at Coaster Stock 2010.

This concludes my coverage of Coaster Stock 2010. I had a lot of fun at my first ever coaster enthusiast event. I highly recommend Coaster Stock and other events like it. The exclusive access and fellowship with the coaster community is well worth the price.

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What’s Your Take?
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