Happy Roller Coaster Day & USA Today’s 10 Roller Coasters

Happy National Roller Coaster Day!
Today’s National Roller Coaster Day. On August 16th of 1898, Edwin Prescott submitted a patent for a looping roller coaster. And, in some strange twist of fate, today’s also my birthday. Since I’ve found out this weird coincidence I’ve had a hard time convincing some people that I didn’t create the holiday so that it coincided with my birthday. It’s real I tell you!

Let’s celebrate by looking at yet another roller coaster list. This time it’s USA Today’s “10 Great Places to Thrill to a Roller Coaster”. The list was compiled by Paul Ruben from Park World. According to the article, Ruben’s 73 and he’s ridden around 800 roller coasters! I’m hoping that I’m still able to ride when I’m his age. The list is described loosely as “his favorites”. So they probably aren’t necessarily Ruben’s top ten roller coasters, just some notable rides:

Steel Roller CoastersIntimidator 305 - Kings Dominion
Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion
Intimidator at Carowinds
Millennium Force at Cedar Point
X2 at Magic Mountain
Bizarro at Six Flags New England

Wooden Roller Coasters
Viper at Six Flags Great America
Beast at Kings Island
Thunderbolt at Kennywood
Hades at Mt. Olympus
Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer

After I ride Intimidator 305 in a few weeks I’ll have been on every coaster on this list. I’d say that it’s pretty solid although some great rides will always be left out. The woodies here are especially strong. They include: two Gravity Group coasters that have been in my Top 10 in the past, two terrain roller coasters (a favorite of mine), and the surprisingly smooth Cyclone-clone Viper. I’m more of steel coaster fan, but I’d take these five woodies over these five steel coasters. How about you?

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of this list? How’d you celebrate National Roller Coaster Day? Leave a comment below.