Four WindSeekers To Debut at Cedar Fair Parks in 2011WindSeekers Coming to Cedar Point, Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland & Knott's Berry Farm
Anyone monitoring Theme Park Syndicate on Tuesday might have thought they were experiencing deja vu. All afternoon theme park news sites and blogs were reporting on announcement after announcement as Cedar Fair announced the addition of  a new ride called WindSeeker at Cedar Point, Kings Island, Knott’s Berry Farm, & Canada’s Wonderland. WindSeeker will be a 301′ tall swing ride that should give some breathtaking views while spinning riders at 30 mph. The ride will end with a 26-story freefall at 64 mph. To read more and see renderings of each of the ride’s visit park’s official sites: Cedar Point | Kings Island | Knott’s Berry Farm | Canada’s Wonderland

Here’s a video of Cedar Point’s WindSeeker in action:

Differentiation in the Views, Not the Design
Everyone, including myself, probably assumed that if Cedar Fair was going to add a ride similar to its sister parks that it would make the flagship park’s (Cedar Point) special in some way. But, according to the announcements they will all be identical and even share the same name. Last year, when the Intimidator 305 WindSeeker at Kings Island, Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, and Knott's  in 2011was announced everyone assumed that the ride was 5 feet short of Millennium Force to keep it from stepping on the popular ride’s toes. During a Q&A at Kings Dominion over this past weekend a park rep scoffed at the idea. He stated that the ride’s design and layout called for it to be 305 feet  tall and it’s height compared to Millennium Force was purely coincidental.

Perhaps, the differentitation will come in the views riders will experience. Kings Island is on the outskirts of Cinncinnati and surrounded (at least on one side) by a forest inhabited by the Beast. Knott’s may be the most urban of the four parks. I think I remember seeing neighborhoods literally across the street. I don’t know how they can keep building sky-scraping rides in that area without recieving tons of complaints.

I’ve never been to Canada’s Wonderland so I can’t speak to what surrounds that park. I would imagine Toronto would be visible in the distance. Cedar Point may once again be king thanks to its location on Lake Erie. Maybe riders will be spinning slow enough to catch a glimpse of Canada.

Legal Trouble in the Skies
The earlier scuttlebut was that Cedar Point was going to build a similar 400-foot tall swing ride called a Star Flyer. It was to be built by Austrailian-based manufacturer Funtime. According to FunTime an agreement was met to build one for Cedar Point and then Mondial was hired to build the ride (and three more). Allegedly, Mondial was asked to build and design the WindSeeker rides for the first time. Funtime claims that this was like “plagiarizing their idea”, and they are seeking legal action. Read more at the Sandusky Register.

What’s Your Take?
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18 Responses

  1. Jeff

    I would say this is a bold and risky move–purchasing 4 prototype rides from a company that, up to this point, has only made knock off versions of other manufacturers' rides for the carnival market.

    Going with the solid arms instead of chains is a good idea as is including more secure safety restraints. I really don't know how the Star Flyers are able to operate safely.

    I don't like high tower rides so I doubt I will ride it, but it will be very impressive to watch, assuming the ride will work as advertised.

    • Quil

      You've got a good point Jeff. I don't know if a company like the one CF is using could take on a ride like this, and like you, (I assume, at least) I wouldn't trust carnival ride restraints & systems to safley keep anyone up more than 30 stories, and I hope that they use hydraulic restraits.

      To me, it seems rather unfair that CF would steal the idea and use another company to make it. If I were FunTime, I would definetley sue.

  2. Merle

    It must be a good concept if thier building four models in the video it dosnt look thrilling other than being thirty stories over the peninsula or over knots or kings island would be cool if there was a sudden drop at the end of the ride or somthing

  3. Piedude81

    This looks wicked!!!!!!! I might be going to Kings Island for the first time for labor day. Maybe I'll get snapshots of the first supports!!!!!!!1

    • Quil

      If it's not there, than much of the ride will be a dissapointment, although I think they'd need a very Intelligent desing to make a drop work on a swing ride.

  4. MarvelMaker

    It doesn't have a free fall at the end. You were reading the comparison that the press release was making to Drop Zone. It goes up and down slowly.

  5. Thrill Fanatic

    it looks really cool!!! i went to Cedar Point in 2009 and so far it's been the best amusement park I've been to (and maybe will always be). Anyways, this will be a great addition to a FANTASTIC amusement park!!!

  6. Prof.BAM

    Earlier in the year, Cedar Fair Trademarked the name Stratosaur. And it was assumed it would go to the WindSeekers. Why change the name? Unless Stratosaur will be the name of a Cedar Fair B&M Flyer? Watching story closely.

    • Prof.BAM

      California's Great America is removing Invertigo for the 2011 season. Rumors are that it will be replaced in 2012. This coincides with my ranting about 2012 Cedar Fair B&M flyers with the name Stratosaur! I am offically billing 2012 as the year of the coaster with all the rumors and speculation going on right now.


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