Dare Devil Dive is Coming to Six Flags Over Georgia in 2011We can check off another one of the 11 Rumored Attractions for 2011. Today, Six Flags Over Georgia announced that they’ll be adding Dare Devil Dive in 2011. The looping roller coaster will feature a vertical lift, beyond vertical drop, and three inversions. Here’s more from Six Flags Over Georgia’s web site:

Dare Devil Dive’s mission begins as you’re pulled straight up to the sky on a special vertical chain lift, then slowly roll to the top of the tower nearly 100-feet in the air. After an agonizing pause at the crest of the summit, you plummet downward at an angle that is beyond straight down — it actually angles inward at a blistering 52 mph. it is the country’s first PAUSE element before the beyond vertical drop.

Then you careen through a thrilling combination of diving loops while executing three inversions before you catch air on a zero gravity hill and swoop across the dreaded Immelman vertical U turn stretched high above the ground. The crescendo builds as the car dives toward the ground and up into a Heartline roll before being slowed by the magnetic brakes.

Dare Devil Dive will be only the third Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter in America. The other two Euro-Fighters are SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge at the Mall of America (Bloomington, MN) and the popular Mystery Mine at Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, TN) only 4 hours from Atlanta. And overseas SAW – The Ride, and it’s 100 degree drop, seemed to be a hit over in the UK when it opened in Thorpe Park last year.  There aren’t a lot of details yet beyond a few stats and marketing language above, but hopefully, Dare Devil Dive delivers the goods as well.

Dare Devil Dive - Six Flags Over Georgia 2011

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  1. mike martinez

    i can't wait to ride the dare devil this summer i am going to ride that forever

  2. haley

    Let's just say i'm glad the wait time was only 45 min. I rode it today. The ride was really boring, not exciting at all. The most thrilling part was going up the vertical lift. The coaster is slow. Least fav. out of the metal coasters there (minus ninja…that thing just hurts.)

  3. Bailey

    I rode it a few weeks ago and I'd just like to say that the biggest thrill is going up the vertical incline. Going down only lasts a second or two and from then on it's any other normal roller coaster.

    If the line is extremely long, I wouldn't waste the time. Plus, the drop seems extremely high, but it's nothing compared to Goliath.

  4. ben

    Hello everyone, i'm from the UK and have already experienced Gerstlauer Eurofighter, Saw: The Ride at Thorpe park, its also 100 ft with 3 inversions. The cost of this ride is partly down to intense theming and the fact that they had to add land out of the water that runs around the whole park, as the park is quite small. The whole ride I heard cost £13.3 million. Its a good sized ride, lasting 3 and a bit minutes due to the inside area. Its a shame that its still the most popular ride at the park, with a wait of 2 hrs (avr.) This new ride at six flags looks good for the first timers, but otherwise a little lackluster on intensity terms.


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