Busch Garden Tampa 2011 Coaster - Cheetaka?Busch Gardens Tampa’s Rumored 2011 Launch Coaster
There’s been a lot of construction going on at Busch Gardens Tampa as the park prepares for their rumored 2011 roller coaster. The ride first came to light way back in April when plans for the 2011 ride were uncovered on the Web. Since that development, ParkSecrets had posted conceptual drawings and blueprints, but has since removed them. BGTNation has constructions updates here: 8/11 Construction Update | 9/4 Construction Update

Yesterday, Busch Gardens Tampa posted the image above to their Facebook & Twitter pages. It’s hard to tell, but it appears that the track may confirm the rumor about the ride being an Intamin launch coaster. Rumors also suggest that the ride will stay close to the ground and feature multiple launch sections. And, as with all of the park’s excellently themed coasters, the ride will be themed after an African animal. The video below from the zoo VP hints at the cheetah theme that’s making the rounds.

Also the park has been producing these construction videos:

Watch more of the park’s videos here: Busch Gardens Tampa’s YouTube Videos

My Favorite Theme Park(s) Could Get Even Better
I can’t wait for the official announcement for this roller coaster! It may bring me back to Florida in 2011 even though I need to make trips to a few new states like Texas, Missouri, & Minnesota. Cheetaka, if that’s its name, will likely be another world-class, well-themed masterpiece from Busch Gardens Tampa like Montu, Kumba, & SheiKra. The Busch parks are my two favorite theme parks, this ride could put the Tampa park ahead of the Williamsburg park in my opinion. But, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is set to have an announcement about their plans for 2011 AND 2012 soon. We’re going to be treated to some exciting news over the next few weeks.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. Prof.BAM

    Cheetaka will be a sweet coaster. BGW is really getting us on here. A YouTube video of BGW's announcment seemed it would be tall. People were looking up at the sky and pointing. It will be big. And it should be sweet.

  2. Ted MidwestThrills.c

    BGW better have something good coming. Taking out Big Bad Wolf was a big blow considering they had no replacement to announce. It's not cool to be down to 4 coasters. They better add something fantastic, quickly.

  3. Merle

    In the video with the engineer he says things are going from 0 to 60 around here could that be another hint like the cheat are way through this in the wild video

  4. adavis

    This is going to be THE coaster next year, assuming Hershey sticks with 2012 for whatever they have going. I'll be in Florida next March, I know this won't be done yet, but maybe they could hurry for me?

  5. Quil

    After a few failed attempts, I managed to hit pause at the right time to see the image that kept flashing behing him, ("but what I CAN tell you is that you'll see… ect.) when i finaly stopped it on the right place, it showed a picture of what looked like either a small quarry, or a rocky savanah. seeing all the past evidence, probably a rocky savanah.

  6. Prof.BAM

    BGW just announced something like Cheetaka. Although it sounds like B&M is once again dabbling in the electromagnetic launches. I'm heading out there in Summer 2012, And I hope it's good!


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