Zydeco Scream - Six Flags New OrleansSix Flags New Orleans | Abandoned Amusement Parks It’s always sad to see abandoned amusement parks. And other times it’s also downright creepy. The defunct Six Flags New Orleans falls into the latter category. WebUrbanist has a ton of really creepy images from inside the park. The thing that makes the images so disturbing is how the park was so abruptly abandoned. Usually defunct parks are at least boarded up before they’re left to rot. Here, the park has a post-apocalyptic look. It’s almost like something wiped out all of the guests and no one’s been back since. Obviously, people have been back to the park since Hurricane Katrina, but it doesn’t look like they’re concerned with tidying up the place. Six Flags salvaged the park’s B&M inverted coaster, Batman: The Ride. It’s now Goliath at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The remaining coasters have been reported to be too damaged by the floods to be moved. Zydeco Scream (Vekoma Boomerang), Mega Zeph (CCI Woodie), Muskrat Scrambler (L&T Wild Mouse), and Jester (Vekoma Looping Coaster) will be scrapped when the park is demolished in January 2011. It’s highly recommended that you don’t try to go to the park and do your own filming and photography session. Those who have tried this have been greeted by the cops! There are a few shots below collected by WebUrbanist. To see more, visit Brynne Photography’s Flickr Photostream:

Images of Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

Images from WebUrbanist.com

I found the WebUrbanist images back in March, but more recently, a well-produced video has been making the rounds on the Web. It was shot with permission from the City of New Orleans. Watch this video of an abandoned Six Flags New Orleans: As a long-time Resident Evil fan, those interior shots remind me of the disarray and mess left by your typical zombie apocalypse. It’s also reminiscent of the Zombieland movie which featured an amusement park (Wild Adventures) in its final scene. And of course, it reminds me of the short story about an abandoned amusement park that I wrote a teaser for. I’ve gotten many comments from posts that I’ve written about this park. You’d think that they would’ve found a way to bring the park back in some form. The park was going to reopen for the 2009 season, but that fell through. Then last winter there were talks of the park being turned into a Nickelodeon Universe for 2011, but that fell through as well. Hopefully, New Orleans will get another park sometime soon. It’s too large of a market to not have a single major theme park in my opinion What’s Your Take? What do you think of the video and images? Leave a comment below. Images Courtesy of WebUrbanist and Brynne Photography.

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  1. Frog

    Those clown statues are downright creepy! I can imagine those in a good horror movie.

  2. Prof.BAM

    It'll probably be featured in an episode of The Walking Dead before demolition.

    No one knows what happened that night. The leaves rustled in the wind. The figure stood in the center of the square. Alone. Not exactly a smart thing to do here, or at this time. But how could he refuse the opportunity? To prove to his friends that the rumors aren't true? The "rumor" looked at him from the shadow of the tent. Watching. The last thing that the man's recorder (that he held) captured, was his scream. Traces of blood were found the next morning. But no one cared anymore. It was no longer news that people died at midnight at the abandoned Amusement park.

  3. Austin

    It's not a big market anymore. Over half the population left. I honestly think it wouldn't have been wise for Six Flags to come back here. The population is still getting over the flood, and most probably aren't in the "theme park" mood.

  4. Sarah

    Not a big market? Where is the closest amusement park? Blue Bayou?

    If you're from New Orleans, don't forget, the MS Gulf Coast isn't far from there, and we've got a pretty significant population as well – most of whom enjoyed going to Six Flags as well. An hour's drive to rollercoasters? Sign me up!

    It's really sad to see it just abandoned there, though. Every time we ride into New Orleans, we can see the wooden coaster and everything else just… standing there. Dead. No joy.

    It's such a depressing sight.

    It's really sad that they couldn't bring it back. If I had the money, I'd buy a big plot of land and establish a theme park in New Orleans or Gulfport or something. We need one so badly.

  5. BrittneyJ

    I honestly think its beautiful and should be left as a historic monument. I don't think they should re-build it or tear it down. Its too unique to do that.

    • Quil

      I'm assuming Six Flags still owns the property of the park, and if they do, they're probably still being taxed on it.

    • me

      Yeah, not beautiful. Have you ever drive passed it, I do, everyday. I think it’s a depressing reminder of all the damage the hurricane did. You can’t even get near it, it’s fenced off. It’s just a hang out for criminals and stray dogs!

  6. JustinMarcellRussell

    we really need a park here theres nothing to do besides mardi gras every year everyone here is sick of going to bluebyou and dixelandin every summer come on we need something new really we do something that really bring us joy everytime wo go and leave with a smile on our face we need a really awesome year round theme park to chill and hang at i miss thoes days =/ the city is back and a theme park a major theme park will really bring it back please if anyone buy this land build a awesome theme park for us i know its not that easy but hey we all are really waiting on something like that we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. heist in heels

    We went last week and again today. Merchandise warehouse is still full. Daytime is worse than night I must say. Too easily seen from interstate. Really amazing how structurally sound it still is. Reminders of what home was and what it has become.

  8. James

    It's a real shame that Mega Zeph is going. It was my first ever rollercoaster 🙁

  9. Josh

    As an Urban Explorer I find this place fascinating, but as a Roller Coaster enthusiast I find this quite depressing. The two hobbies are conflicting at points, but I hope that New Orleans gets a nice new amusement park they deserve it.

    • Kye

      I agree completely. A weird intersection of two of my hobbies as well. I've yet to get to an abandoned theme park…but I hope to one day. I am sure it will be bittersweet when I finally do, but it will be worth it for the photos.

  10. sara

    wow. the pics and video gave me the most eerie feeling. im really glad someone got to film that and put it out there. even though it was depressing and creepy i found it fascinating. i would love to go through a place like that and just explore and take pictures for hours. im sure it would make for some disturbing yet amazing photographs.

  11. BenW

    the video is awesome, it really gives a sense of the abandoned state of the park. I study architecture in the UK and I'm really interested in how people feel about abandoned theme parks and also about specific rides. I find theres a certain nostalgia towards them and a lot of childhood memories buried in them. Any comments would be really welcome.

  12. Rosie

    the eerie music was a great touch this would be awesome footage for a horror movie or creepy videogame

  13. Matthew

    I believe the park is still there. But, I am just from Ohio and I have never been to Louisiana


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