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Looking for a gift for the roller coaster fan in your life? Are you a coaster enthusiast that can’t think of anything you want for the holidays? You’ve come to the right place!

I started creating the t-shirts this past Spring when I realized there weren’t very many cool custom roller coaster t’s out there. They either had a web address plastered across the front or looked like something cheesy from 1992. So I decided to make a t-shirt I’d want to wear when I visited a theme park instead of just a shirt that read: The Coaster Critic’s Blog

Recently, I noticed an up tick in sales and then I remembered that I haven’t really written a post about them on the blog. Here are the original designs that I came up with:

Eat Sleep Ride Roller Coasters Womens TShirtEat Sleep Ride Roller Coaster TShirtRoller Coaster Geek TShirtRoller Coaster Expert TShirtRoller Coaster Expert Terminology PicRoller Coaster Geek Coffee Mug

The designs are available in t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, hats, and mouse pads shirts and more.Coaster Critic on Bert the Conqueror Designs are available in a variety of colors and t-shirt styles. But, most of them will look best on light colored shirts.

Zazzle’s having deals all December like free shipping. Today t-shirts are $6 off! I can vouch for the products as I got the blue Eat Sleep Ride t-shirt for my summer trips. There’s also a really easy return policy if you’re not happy. I had to use it myself as I went a little crazy with the color selections. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

Anyway, in case anyone was wondering, I make next to nothing on these. I just thought it’d be fun to make them. And so far people seem to like them. I’ve gotten orders from all over the World. Let me know what you think!

See all of my roller coaster fan gifts at my Zazzle store.

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Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.


  1. 3 Christmas gifts down (including one for myself), way too many to go!

  2. Great idea CC! I am definitely considering buying one myself!

  3. when I first saw the title, I believed that you were going to talk about in general and not just the products you've designed (not that I'm complaining).

  4. You can count on my binsueness, I have been wanting one for about half a year but the only way i an get more clothes is asking for them on christmas

  5. Thanks for all of the feedback guys. I'll probably get a roller coaster geek or roller coaster expert shirt myself will all of the deals Zazzle is having. Probably long sleeve this time.

    My 3 year old daughter is always asking what words are on my shirts. It'll be a good chance to go over some roller coaster terminology with her!

    • As soon as she's 48 inches tall you should take her on Millennium Force. That's what my parents did! 🙂

      Then again, I didn't ride any more coasters for three years.

  6. Nice! These are funny … could be for theme park geeks in general. Concession stand gifts are a good idea too.

  7. Well I know what I'm getting…The cup will remind of this beautiful site since I signed up. Happy New Year Everybody!

    P.S I was born on November the 11th at 11 AM and this year is 2011

    11/11/11. Anyone see a coincidence?

    I'm serious,I was born with reoccuring 11s

    • Me too, 2coastercrazy, except with 3s instead of 1s. I was born at 3:33 in the afternoon, and if you divide the number of the day I was born by the number of the month I was born, you get three.

      PS-I got a Roller Coaster Expert shirt for Christmas, but between celebrating, downloading new tracks on to my MP3 Player, and all of the craziness of the Holidays, I forgot to ever mention it. It's gray with black text, and I'm very happy I happened to be reading this post when someone asked me if I knew what I wanted for Christmas. "I think I may have an Idea." was what I said.

  8. YES! There is someone born at a special time, I thought I was the only one. Now I stand corrected

  9. Trent loves the Eat Sleep Ride t-shirt he won this summer from you! He loves to wear it when we go to theme parks hoping he will meet someone else who is a coaster critic fan and a rollercoaster fanatic like him!


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