New Theme Park Photo BookStarting this week and every week of this year, I’ll be posting my 52 favorite theme park photos. I’m no expert or even exceptional photographer, but I’ve accumulated a large collection of images from my travels. Photos will range from my favorite coaster shots to general theme park views to travel photos to quirky photos from almost ten years of theme park trips.

Each week I’ll post a new photo and give a few thoughts. Like always you’ll be able to comment on the posts. At the end of the year I’ll include the posts AND the most interesting, insightful, or amusing reader comments in my first ever book. So, you’ll be able to contribute to my new book by leaving comments on my Photo of the Week posts.

What’s Your Take?
Any ideas or suggestions for this new feature? Leave a comment below

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Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.

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  1. Prof.BAM

    I have that book. I found it highly helpful. I wish another came out. That copy is already over 4 years old. Plus, It has one of the worst coasters known to man, designed by the worst company ever. Wind Jammer by TOGO (ugh)! >:^(

    • Prof.BAM

      P.S. I am Illegally Insane. Thrill rides only add to it. So give me more, or I'll be sharing a padded cell with the Joker next year.

    • The Coaster Critic

      I have it too. You're right, it's a good book. I just wish there was a newer edition.

      A bit off topic, but if anyone has a good coaster/theme park book to recommend let us know.

    • Quil

      Me too, It's a very good book as far as coaster books go, and I like how it's more dirrected tords enthusiasts instead of the average rider, so, instead of the same old "How RollerCoasters Work" lecture, it's more like a long lists of ride reviews, wich are all written very well, if short at times.

  2. DC

    And good luck wih the book. With your easy-going writing style, it'll be a welcome addition to my collection.

    • Quil

      "The Complete History of the Roller Coaster" is also a good book, but it's mostly based on the golden age of roller coasters.

  3. jordan

    really!? a togo on the cover! and it had to be the one that brought the company to bankruptcy because it was so bad! lol good luck with your book! hope it is successful!

  4. XYZ

    I have it too. I bought it at Logo's, a book/record store in Santa Cruz, Ca, I got it for a cheap price of $10.


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