Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

A Michael Jackson Theme Park & Elvis’ Favorite Coaster to Reopen


The King and The King of Pop are still making the news. Albeit, theme park news this time.

Elvis’ Favorite Roller Coaster – Zippin Pippin to Reopen in WI
Allegedly, Zippin Pippin was at the top of Elvis’ Top 10 Coasters List. The Gravity Group, acclaimed designers of The Voyage & Ravine Flyer II are helping Bay Beach Amusement park in Green Bay Wisconsin re-build the Zippin Pippin. The classic roller coaster was said to be Elvis Presley’s favorite roller coaster. He would often rent out a Memphis amusement park so that he could ride it over and over without being mobbed by fans. Bay Beach Amusement Park is a historic park with several class rides already. So, it should be a good place for Zippin Pippin – a 1923 John A. Miller designed woodie. More: Gadling | Zippin Pippin | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Michael Jackson Theme Park & Thriller Roller CoasterMichael Jackson's Moonwalker
With the King of Pop’s love of amusement parks, it was only a matter of time before we saw a Michael Jackson theme park. I, like many, figured that a park would have grown out of his Neverland Ranch in California. Instead, the theme park and accompanying attractions (golf course, hotel, performing arts center, and museum) are being built in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. I don’t know anything about Gary, but I would imagine that the town would be welcoming the tourists that’ll like flock to the city.

The most interesting news about the planned theme park is a mention of a Thriller roller coaster. The project will be built over the next ten years starting with the museum. So, it’ll likely be a while before they even begin construction on the theme park. The park will include rides from the Neverland Ranch. More: Gadling | LA Times | Neverland Ranch on RCDB

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Zippin Pippin’s move to Wisconsin? What do you think of the idea of a Michael Jackson theme park?

I know that Jackson’s a polarizing figure. Feel free to give your opinion, but please be civil this website is a G/PG website. Leave a comment below and vote in the polls.  Image credit: Flickr user – theogeo

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