Storm Runner at HersheyparkFor my first Photo of the Week, I thought I’d share my personal favorite roller coaster photo from all of my years of theme park trips. After riding, and loving, Storm Runner at Hersheypark I took this photo from a walking path beneath the ride. Storm Runner’s a pretty unique ride and this photo shows it’s most unique element. The dizzying Flying Snake Dive, was worth a Memorable Coaster Moments post and it generated this great photo.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of this photo? What do you think about Storm Runner in general? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Mike

    If I had to make a list of my top 10 elements on a coaster this might be #1 it's that good.

  2. Prof.BAM

    That Image reminds of a great picture of Manta that I have just outside the entrance.

  3. cft925

    The view from the coaster during this element is crazy… Being inverted at that height with nothing below you except the ground.

  4. Gordy

    I personally think it's amazing that they don't have safety nets under that element! Just you, and a straight shot up to it. Makes the view all that more insane.

  5. DC

    I have to agree with Mike on a placement if I also had a list. I used to keep a Top 10 then Top 20 list, but the resurgence of coasters and amusement parks has produced a slew of great rides for a myriad of reasons (and various elements) Storm Runner is my favorite "Hi-Hat" coaster even though it's less than half the height of its American cousins. Hershey had the good sense to put all of that energy to good use and build a real roller coaster instead of another 1-trick pony.

  6. Piedude81

    Wow…. Just wow…. (So stunned away by picture) I can't really say anything else can I?

  7. Brian

    This picture not only shows why Storm Runner is ALWAYS worth a wait, but shows why HersheyPark is the best park on the east coast. Its as if the park is screaming, "Please, walk directly under one of our most exciting and unique ride elements, and bask in its unbridled and profound glory!"


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