Coney Island Gets Two New Roller Coasters and a Boost in Thrills

Steeplechase Ride - Coney IslandScream Zone to Bring Two Thrill Rides to Coney Island
Last year Italian coaster design company Zamperla opened Luna Park at Coney Island. It seems like a no-brainer that a new amusement park would do well at Coney, but with Astroland closing down a few years ago maybe the right company had to move in start over. This Spring the park will expand with two compact roller coasters in a new area called Scream Zone.

Scream Zone will have a relocated Zamperla flying coaster (dubbed Soaring Eagle) that was formerly at Elitch Gardens in Denver. And the park’s new main attraction might be the completely new family launch roller coaster Steeplechase Horses Coaster. Steeplechase should be similar to Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm (pictured below). As fans have pointed out, the ride seems inspired by the Steeplechase rides from Coney’s hey days. That ride had individual horses that raced against each other.

Coney Island's New Steeplechase Horses Coaster Could be like Pony Express

Coney Island could desperately use some new roller coasters. This news almost makes me wish that I would have waited to take my coaster trip to New York. After riding the legendary Cyclone, I did a little sight seeing and I was on my way to Rye Playland. Coney definitely has more to offer coaster fans now. Especially if you’ve been waiting to check the Cyclone off of your most wanted coasters list.

It’s kind of funny to me how some are complaining about these ride’s (lack of) intensity. The vast majority of guests to this new area will have probably never ridden a flying coaster or even a launch coaster. Heck, many may have not even seen these types of coasters before. I think that they’re two solid attractions for a small urban park with a lack of space that’s basically in revival mode. If you want something more intense Kingda Ka’s only about 2 hours away.

Zamperla posted this video of their Volare flying coaster on YouTube:

Luna Park’s Facebook page has updates and construction photos.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think about Steeplechase Horses Coaster and Eagle roller coasters coming to Luna Park’s Scream Zone? Leave a comment below. Image credits: Westland.Net & Flickr user – Magic Madzik