Vekoma Stingray - Coming to Mt. Olympus?

What Will Mt. Olympus’ 2012 Roller Coaster Be?

Could Mt. Olympus Be Building a Flying Roller Coaster?
Submit a (You)ReportI bring forth (once again) that Mt. Olympus has stated that they’ll build a major attraction for the 2012 season. Back in mid-December, they posted on their Facebook page that a major attraction is coming. With the announcemnt, the words “THINK BIG” and “FLY” were capitalized.

Vekoma Stingray - Coming to Mt. Olympus?

So at the moment, I’m speculating that they’ll add a Vekoma Stingray. I say this because they are low on space, and money doesn’t come easy for them. Plus, I’d see this would look great along their backdrop.

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