Nickelodeon Universe’s Super Bowl Commercial

Avatar Airbender at Nickelodeon Universe - Mall of AmericaAllegedly there was a Nickelodeon Universe commercial during the Super Bowl tonight. I say allegedly because I didn’t see it. I was playing catch up all night on my DVR. Watching live sports isn’t usually an option with my two young kids. Anyway, I had to fast-forward my way through a few commercial breaks so I must’ve missed this commercial that Prof. BAM submitted via my new (You)Report feature.

It’s a pretty good ad as I can’t think of too many theme park commercials that actually have a storyline. I’m itching to make it up to Minnesota to visit Valleyfair! and Nickelodeon Universe.

What’s Your Take?
Did you like the Nick Universe Mall of America commercial? What do you think of the park? Leave a comment below. [Image Credit – Flickr user: twodolla]