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Avatar Airbender at Nickelodeon Universe - Mall of AmericaAllegedly there was a Nickelodeon Universe commercial during the Super Bowl tonight. I say allegedly because I didn’t see it. I was playing catch up all night on my DVR. Watching live sports isn’t usually an option with my two young kids. Anyway, I had to fast-forward my way through a few commercial breaks so I must’ve missed this commercial that Prof. BAM submitted via my new (You)Report feature.

It’s a pretty good ad as I can’t think of too many theme park commercials that actually have a storyline. I’m itching to make it up to Minnesota to visit Valleyfair! and Nickelodeon Universe.

What’s Your Take?
Did you like the Nick Universe Mall of America commercial? What do you think of the park? Leave a comment below. [Image Credit – Flickr user: twodolla]

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  1. This is a nice throwback to the park ads from the 80's where they were little skits instead of just random clips of rides and people skipping through the park holding balloons. It reminds me of all the great Kings Dominion commercials that were not even filmed in the park!

    • Yeah, I can safely say that this is the best theme park commercial I have ever seen.

    • Agreed Ed. Sometimes I think that they just tried harder and shows/movies seemed a lot more original back then. There's starting to be more creativity with all of the cable networks we have, but the major networks used to have so many more sci-fi, tv action shows: Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Greatest American Hero, A-Team, Knight Rider, Incredible Hulk, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, and on and on and on. Now, most of the written shows (not reality or game shows) are mostly just crime dramas.

  2. Must have been a local commercial.

    • And there are more.

      • Could you post a link or something to the others?

  3. best choice of actor

    • Yeah, he did a good job with the role.

      PS-There was also a really long comercial with Eminem in it. I can undoubtingly say "That commercial must of cost a LOT of money,"-and yet I can't remember the name of the car company.

      • That was a Chrysler commercial for the new Chrysler 200. My favorite commercial was the Kia Optima commercial with the car that keeps getting snatched by the evil crime boss' helicopter, then the god of the ocean Posiedon/Neptune, then the aliens and finally the Aztecs. Great special effects and just all around cool for an occasional sci-fi/action geek like myself.

        • I don't remember that one, but it sounds prettey funny to me.

  4. You have no idea how long this comercial was overdue. The park has been playing the same comercial since before it opened in March of '08. I was totally shocked at the new ad, but was also really pleased to see it.

    Also the kid on Brain Surge at the end is a regular poster I have conversed with at, which is pretty cool.

    Thanks for the Update!


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