Featured Photo #8 – Time to Get Geeky

Loch Ness Monster Roller Coaster Blueprints
Deep within the bowels of the Loch Ness Monter’s lair I was able to snap this photo of one of the blueprints that lined the wall.  The few times I’ve been lucky enough to get behind-the-scenes roller coaster tours I’ve geeked out when I encountered blueprints.

Of course I couldn’t tell you anything about what’s actually in this blueprint, it’s just cool to see. Well, I can say that something weighs or can hold 150 lbs. This photo’s off the charts in terms of coaster geekiness. Who takes pictures of blueprints? I felt like a spy or secret agent.

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What’s Your Take?
Do you have any behind-the-scenes coaster spy photos? Any guesses as to what these blueprints are for? Leave a comment below.

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