Thorpe Park - Wingrider Coaster 2012

Thorpe Park Could Get a B&M Wingrider Coaster

Submit a Theme Park News (You)ReportBolliger & Mabillard have made many ingenious roller coasters over the years. Their newest type of ride is a coaster that’s similar to a 4th Dimension coaster (see X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain). They made one at Gardaland in Italy called Raptor, although the seats don’t flip, there are rumors that B&M are testing real world data before they make a full 4D coaster.

Thorpe Park - Wingrider Coaster 2012Thorpe Park’s Possible 2012 B&M Wingrider Coaster
The proposed wingrider coaster planned for Thorpe Park in 2012 could be B&M’s first coaster with spinning seats. The theming will be a crash site complete with wreckage and a plane. It looks like it will have a straight section of track through some plane parts (possibly a hidden element in there) and will travel up a lift hill to the top then flip upside down around a half loop into a Zero-G-Roll. Then around through an Inclined Loop (previously seen on stand up coasters only). Through a turn, around a corkscrew, and onto the brakes.

It looks very short, but it’s a possible first of a kind ride. Theme Park Tourist has an in-depth look with tons of concept photos.

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