Built for Speed: Cheetah Hunt’s Trains Arrive

Fresh out of shipping containers from Intamin, Cheetah Hunt’s trains arrived at Busch Gardens Tampa last week. The multi-launched roller coaster looks amazing and I chose it as my top pick for what I think will be 2011’s best new ride. Read my Top New 2011 Coasters list to see why. Here’s a slideshow and description of their arrival from the park:


The five trains were delivered to Busch Gardens late last week.
Each train is made up of four four-passenger cars, for a total of 16 guests per train. The front car features a custom nose-piece that resembles a cheetah’s face. Further theming and graphics will be applied to the cars to complete the cheetah look, and the finished cars will be unveiled at the end of March.

Busch Gardens Tampa

The trains look pretty cool and they’ll look even better after they’re themed. Of course, I’d wish that they didn’t have over-the-shoulder restraints, but since it inverts that’s to be expected.

More information at CheetahHunt.com. Also, here’s the best video I’ve been able to find about Cheetah Hunt. This one has sound and more info about Busch Gardens Tampa, for those who have never been. It’s one of my favorite theme parks and I’m hoping to ride Cheetah Hunt this Summer.

What’s Your Take?
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